Poetry Contest


2. The Broken Mirror

There are shards of glass 


not moving,

on the ground.

The mirror, 

that reflects my ugly body,

is broken now. 


I can still see 

my acne,

my double chin,

my fatty arms,

my small boobs,

my big stomach,

my fat thighs,

my stretch marks,

my cuts,

my eczema. 

I can still see everything that is wrong with me.

My wall displays perfect bodies.

When I put them in the mirror I see

clear skin,

strong jawline,

skinny arms,

big boobs,

flat stomach,

a thigh gap,

no stretch marks,

no cuts,

no eczema. 

They're all the same

all beautiful

all small. 

No matter how hard I diet,

how much I exercise until I pass out,

or how I don't even eat,

I don't look like them. 


I can never look like them.

No matter how I look up at them,

how I eat,

how I exercise,

I can never achieve their body. 


my body can't work that way,

I wasn't born naturally skinny,

it's hard for me to lose weight,

and all I am doing is damaging my body. 

I am the mirror,

I'm damaged,


but fixable. 

I can fix my damaged body,

I can put the weight back on,

I can look healthy and be happy.

I look into the broken mirror one last time and see

my acne,

no double chin,

boney arms,

my ribs,

a flat stomach,

a huge thigh gap,



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