the Mia Diaries

a story about a special teenage girl


5. sabastion

​its been two weeks since the start of school, i havent made anymore friends so i would have to say jessica is my best friend. Sabastion, we havent talked but i must say hes got a good butt, brandon on the other hand is the top of the class but i think he only thinks of me as a friend plus all the girls he is with is always trying to get in his pants. so far im closest to brandon.

"so have you gone dress shopping yet?" exclaimed jessica " now why would i go dress shopping if i dont have a date to prom" i replied. "oh come on, what about sabastion or brandon?" she asked. "i dont have the balls to talk to either of them." i said."mia, you dont have any balls".


​"wait what if i threw a party? would you talk to them then?!" she asked excitedly. "well i guess i could try, but ho-" "you've never been to a party have you?" i looked down and shrugged then suddenly she jump on the table and yelled "HEY EVERYBODY PARTY AT MY PLACE TOMORROW NIGHT!" everyone in the cafeteria screamed "WOOO!" The next thing i knew sabastion came up to me and said "so are you going to the party?" i nodded and blushed "well then im sure to be there" he said smirking.

Once he was out of site i turned to jessica and looked at her in awe, she came over to me squealing "this party's going to be legendary"


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