Story Ideas

One shot and story idea's


3. Conversation Prompts



~ Person A- “Why must you attack me with words?”          

Person B- “You want me to use rocks?”


~ Person A- “You’d make a decent prostitute.”        

Person B- “I’d make an amazing prostitute.”


~Person A- “If you were a flower, you’d be a damndelion.”            

Person B- “You know a dandelion is a weed, right?”


~Person A- “Do you want to Netflix and chill with me?”     

Person B-“Uhhh, that doesn’t mea-.”           

Person A- “I know that the fuck it means.”


*Person A dying in Person B’s arms*

Person A- “Tell me one thing…It wasn’t one sided, right?” 

Person B- “No, it wasn’t.”


~Person A- “I hear that 1 in 4 people are gay. That means at least one person in my friends group is gay. I hope its (Person B’s name), because (Person B’s name) is cute)”


~Imagine Person A is a vampire and Person B isn’t but they’re together anyway. They’re all sure and sappy and lovey together until it comes to any sort of physical contact because then it’s just; “Babe, your hand’s so cold.”  

“I’m fucking dead.”


~Person A- “Truth or dare.”   

Person B- “Dare.”      

Person A- “Order us pizza.”


~Person A (who’s a vampire)- “I could kill you if I wanted.”

Person B (human)- “Like, yeah? So? So could another human being. So could a dog. So could a dedicated duck. You aren’t special.”


~Person A- “Today was a bit of a cheat day for me haha, I went on my morning run at 8 today instead of 7 and had a little bit of whipped cream on my fruit at breakfast.”      

Person B- I haven’t eaten anything but lemonade Oreos for the past two days.”


~Person A- “I want a tattoo of a key on the back of my neck to represent all the dark secrets I have locked up inside.” 

Person B- “I want a tattoo of a UFO on my ass to represent how it's out of this world.”


~Person A calling Person B and saying, “I know I’ve been an asshole most of my life, but I need your help.”


~Person A- “If you could go back in tim-.”    

Person B- “Fuck Harrison Ford!”


~Person A- “How are you so calm?!”            

Person B- “I have passed beyond stressed, beyond hysteria, into the grey misty indifference of complete shut down of all but emergency services in my brain.”


~Person A- “A dick pic is not the proper way to say ‘I’m sorry.’”


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