Scarlet Winters: the Most Dan....ops

"has the moon talked to you?" asks scar
she looks around the room of the clubhouse and some one talked
"yes he has, why?" she looked over and sure enough that white haired, icy blue eyed jerk was the one who said it.
*omg could this mean i"m not the only immortal here.*
"oh yea we talk all the time, Manny's a good friend, but what is strange when ever i talk about girls and love he leaves."

"must be because has gay and as a crush on you." i say making everyone but him laugh.


2. the school

Manny cheeks his watch. " ok i am running out of time and you need to get to school, here is a suitcase its magical so everything you need is in it oh here is a snow globe portal just say your destination and throw it to the ground and jump through. Ok good luck and be safe. Oh and before i forget the schools name is..."  


when he left i thought he was kidding.  after some time pasted i knew he wasn't kidding, so i took the snow globey thingy and said the name and threw it at the grown. blue mist like stuff creates a worm hole in the ground. i curse to myself about how this can't get worse and jump in.


it feels like flying but i get motion sickness quickly so that helped.(if you didn't understand, that was sarcasm) 

then i land. first on my but then i get knocked on too my face. i got hit with a snow ball. ooooo i love snow ball fights. but im gonna kill whoever threw that.  

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