Hogwarts Truth Or Dare!!!!!!!

Willow has kidnapped all of the harry potter characters she can think of and locked them deep in her basement vault. She has stolen all of their wands and now is forcing them to play truth or dare for you guys! Comment what you want them to do, (Or if I left any characters out) and we will have HTOD for hours!


4. Third Round

Willow walks down the stairs excited, but also sad.

"What's wrong Wil?" Ginny asks, concerned.

 "Well it's twelve degrees today and yet they still didn't give us a snow day! Like what?" Willow says very angry.

"What's a... Snow-day?" Mr. Weasley asks.

"It's where it gets too cold, and school calls off the school day." Willow explains.

"Well, that's an amazing idea!" Mr. Weasley exclaims. 

"Okay guys! Within just a day, we got 3 more! Can you believe it? So we are going to start out with someone who is starting to become a regular, HarryPotter2001!" Willow tells everyone. She pulls 2 letters from the mail bag and opens one. "So today we got two from HP2001 (I have nicknamed you that for short). The first one is a dare and it reads, 'Make Harry watch every guy in the room kiss Ginny!'"

"What?!" Harry exclaims, super annoyed.

"It's what she asked." Willow smirks. She snaps her fingers and all the guys except Harry line up in front of Ginny. She's not prepared when Nott kisses her but she definitly likes it. She starts to walk down the line. She kisses Zambini with a big thrust towards him. Harry is sitting mortified watching this while Willow is laughing her head off. She ends up coming to Snape and stops for a moment to consult Willow.

"Do I have to?" she asks.

"HP2001 asked for all the guys. You have to." Willow tells her.

Ginny looks down at the ground and then gives Snape a peck on the lips. She looks like she's gonna barf and wipes her mouth off. She then walks up to Dumbledore. She kisses both his cheeks (Because we all know that he's gay). Then she gives the 3 Marauders a peck on the lips. She gets to the end of the line and Draco is standing there. He looks Harry right in the eye, bends Ginny down and kisses her in a dip. Harry's eyes flash with fury before Draco brings her up. She looks at him wide-eyed and smiles.

"Uh..." she giggles. 

"Happy to help, Sweetheart." Draco flashes a grin. Ginny giggles again.

"WHY YOU LITTLE PIECE OF SHIT!" Harry cries out. I, the narrator, have been officially banned from blurring out bad words, sorry. Harry ran towards Draco but Willow stopped the fight before it happened. 

"Well then! That was, uh, chaotic. Let's move on to HP2001's truth which was for Hermione again." Willow tells her.

"No way! Not after what she already made me do!" Hermione screams out.

"Okay, Hermione. Listen. You have to do it. Okay? You FRICKEN have to!" Willow screams back at her. Hermione backs up a bit, looking defeated.

"Hand me the veritaserum." Hermione reluctantly gives up her freedom. She drinks it willingly and looks at Willow.

"Okay, the truth was, 'Hermione, did you like the things they did to you? What did they do? What are your feelings about them now?'" Willow tells her.

"Well, I guess I kinda liked it. They did bad things though like, ******** ** ***** * *** ***. Oh! And they also ****** ** ** *** *****." she tells everyone. I, the narrator, blurted it out because the things they did were, uh, I mean.

"NARRATOR!" Willow screams at me. "TAKE OFF THE SENSORS!"

"I can't!" I tell her. "This book isn't rated R!"

"Oh. Why isn't it?" she asks me. 

"Because if it was, all the people reading couldn't, uh..." I try to explain.


"NO!" I tell her. "People won't read it if I do."

"Oh. Then I guess the sensors stay. All right then." Willow says calmly. Everyone is looking at her crazily because they can't hear the Narrator.

"Okay, sorry HP2001. We can't explain what happened without having to change the rating which would bring down the reads. So I'm sad to say we can't tell you what happened. She can finish it though." Willow tells the audience.

"So as I was saying, I look back on it now and think it was quite enjoyable. I just wasn't used to what they did because it is very WRONG." here Hermione looks at all the boys who were with her. They smile mischievously. 

"The last 'dare' was from EchoLover16. First, let me welcome you into the book Echo! I hope you enjoy what happens next!" Willow tells everyone.

"Who's it for?" Ron asks.

"Your brothers," Willow smirks.

"Which ones?" he asks, clearly confused.

"Fred and George have to confess their love for each other!" Willow shouts out like an announcer. They stand up willingly.

"We already have done it before." Fred, I think, says.

"Because we do love each other." George, I think, exclaims. The boys lips suddenly collide and their mother screams.

"Okay cut it out!" Willow yells, magically pulling them apart. "That's enough, uh, brotherly love for now. That's the end of today folks! See you next time on HTOD!" Willow closes the computer.



Hey, guys! Sorry for not updating, I have a lot on my plate. Thanks again for commenting HP2001 and I'm so glad that Echo is here now! It's great to have newcomers. See you all next time and start commenting!

Willow <3

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