This is just something i whipped up quickly for practise. I may continue if someone wants me to - currently i don't mind. Aridwen belongs to me and Zecora belongs to my friend.


1. A Morning's Awakening (The only chapter currently)

Aridwen shook her sister’s shoulder. Her sister – Zecora – had mousey brown hair that fell gracefully down down to her arm. Aridwen also had brown hair, but her hair reached down to her lower back, and was thus tied into a lengthy braid.

Zecora’s forest green eyes fluttered sleepily open and they widened slightly to take in the sights of the dimly lit room with a fire in one corner, a table close by and a few wooden chairs scattered carelessly around the room. The walls were made out of clay, the roof, thatched.

There was a medium sized hole in the roof so the twins could tell the time of day or night, and a wooden bucket lay beneath the hole to catch rainwater.

Zecora looked through the hole and scoffed.

“Aridwen, it’s three in the morning! What do you want?” She grumbled.

“To get our chores out of the way…?” Aridwen remarked in her usual, sophisticated tone.

“What?! No! Wait until like, six, or something.” Zecora moaned as she closed her eyes again and rested her head on her makeshift pillow.

“Zecora, it’s better to get it out of the-”


“Ok then little sis…”

“I was only born 1 minute later than you!”

“You don’t act like it.” Aridwen smiled, curling her sister’s fringe behind her ear and giving her a swift hug before changing into her tunic and cow skin trousers and attaching her pouch round her side, putting her hood up and quietly leaving the house, giving one last, loving gaze back to her sister before she finally stepped into the pale light of dawn.


Aridwen watched as the small hut in which she and her sister lived slowly faded into the background. She smiled and pulled her daggers out of their sheaths. One was a regular iron dagger and the other was iron with a sapphire gem engraved in the handle. That dagger had been a gift from their father, and Zecora had been given a gift by their mother. The engraved gem had the abilities to make the dagger follow its target until the target was killed. Zecora’s gift was magic engraved – as far as she knew - but Aridwen didn’t know the extent of its abilities.

The purple eyed elf slipped with the grace of a swan into the pinewood forest and pulled out her iron dagger. She hated using her magic engraved dagger – The Sapphire Blade – as she felt it was unfair to give her prey no chance of survival. She wasn’t sure if her sister felt the same way, but she hoped she did.

Aridwen drew the dagger up to her cheek and whispered ancient words of power to the blade. Though it wasn’t magic imbued, it was always good to wish luck upon a weapon.

She thrust the blade forward and watched it fly soundlessly through the trees. A gust of wind startled a raven, sending a branch shooting into the dagger’s path. Aridwen dipped her head in respect as she heard the dagger crash into the branch and spin wildly to the floor, scaring away the rabbit Aridwen had been stalking.


“Well done…” She whispered, collecting her dagger, sheathing it and deciding to collect some water before she headed back to the house.


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