Your Monsters Don't Scare Me

Elizabeth is a lonely girl only afraid of one thing; and it's not the monsters under her bed. every night, she is tormented by despicable creatures that are able to take on any form that hide under bed. she is not afraid of them, and when the master of these creatures, Lucifer, the Devil, hears of this, he makes point to find out why.


2. Elizabeth's Encounter

 i have the uncanny ability to read people exceptionally well. i can tell who you are with a quick scan of you. i once told my father that neighbor's wife was cheating on her husband. he marched me right up to their door and forced me to apologize to her man. i didn't. he asked me what evidence one could gather at such an age as i, and i replied;

  "i know that you don't have pets, and she frequently collects animal hair on her cloths. her ring finger is not coated with the beautiful, expensive ring of a rich man such as you, but a plain thing, although it is rather pretty. when ever i see you together, she forces a smile, never showing her displeasure, but when i see her alone, she is as happy as she can be. she dresses much younger than her age, as of the late, but normally is dressed very age appropriate. i know she is unfaithful."

 that coming from a twelve year old is rather strange.

 those were the first thoughts that entered my head when i awoke to a beautiful sun filled room,  my second thoughts where;

 am I too late? can I get out soon enough?

 I tiptoe out of bed and to the corner of my room. I throw on my only shirt and pair of pants, slip my torn, five year sneakers over my socks creep silently from my room. 

 I gulp when I see that his door is open.


 I look over the stair's railing to see him sleeping on the couch.


 I spend literally five minutes trying to slip downstairs without waking him up. he rolls off of the couch half-way down and I nearly faint. luckily, he didn't rise.

  God, if he exists, has looked down upon me fondly today, because this is the first time in a month that I have made it out in time.

  I ran across the street to my neighbor's house and went around to the back of the house. I did the secret knock and the window opened. I was pulled inside and the window was shut with a snap.

  "Elizabeth!" Admarenada whisper-shouted in my ear.

  I grinned and scratched my nose.

  she pulled me into a hug and we did a little celebratory dance. she was the only person who knew.

  we quieted down a bit and proceeded to get ready. I pulled the loose board from the floor in the back of the closet. this is all of the things she has bought me over the two years. I cannot pay her back with money, so I do chores around her house. it's not the best trade on her end, but I'm thankful. when she got me the first bracelet, I made the mistake of taking it home, where it was burned shortly after.

  I yanked on the most wonderful thing I own, my thigh-high combat boots. I cleaned her house spotless every single day, against her wishes, for an entire month. these boots were more than I could have dreamed of, and I am still in awe every time I put them on.

  I put on all of my lovely, yet deadly looking, bracelets and belts. when she asked me for the first time, what I would want if I could have any decorative clothing, I replied; "anything spiked." she thinks that I want those things for the looks, but the truth is, I need to appear as murderous as humanly possible. I get enough trouble at home, I need no more at school.

  although she hated it and wishes that she "could make me look more appealing", she applied thick black eyeliner and lipstick in the shade of maroon to cover my delicate features. I refused to make my hair look any different, it's silky black waves are beautiful enough without damaging it with heat.

  before her dad could awake, we got on her motorcycle and drove towards school. it was a gorgeous thing, black and shiny, a great model, Harley Davidson Softail.

  I wish I had one for myself.

  I loved school. it is my escape. the teachers are so friendly, the students are okay, but of course, I hate most people so, in reality, the high school excels.

  we pulled into a parking space in front of the building, and, as usual, we got stares or glares. we are the only students that drive a motorcycle, and the unordinary act scares the little pansies.

  Admarenada chains the bike to a pole and we head to class. we both had only one class together- history, my favorite subject. but before the bell rung, I ducked into the girls bathroom. there, I unscrewed the left side of the radiator and pulled out my bookbag, then latched it back together. I pulled out my only novel that is not school-related and stuck it into my back pocket. Looking For Alaska by John Green. and that is how i got my nickname; Alaska. to me, the name represented how the state of Alaska is not connected to the rest of the country. i am not connected in any way to this school, so therefor, I am Alaska. to others, it is the name of the only book I own, and I go nowhere in this building without it. anytime I am not glued to Admarenada or doing work, I am reading that book.

  she and I connect back together and enter the classroom. no one spoke to me, although they conversed with Admarenada. I took my seat and opened my book. it is practically in shreds. the book has fallen into three parts, the front cover and first few pages are missing. I should have spent the few extra cents on a hardback, but I just couldn't bare not try the chocolate bar. it was the first I had ever had, and I loved it.

  the teacher, Miss Gibson, strolled in wearing a frilly yellow sun dress, her high heels click-clacking as she walked. she has to be at least forty, but by the way she acts, she is eighteen. a pure child at heart.

  she started to speak, but I ignored her. every single morning she so graciously entertained us with updates about her divorce. ugh. 

  i sniff loudly and scratched my forehead.

  the words "new teacher" reached my ears and I immediately perked my attention.

  a tall, muscular man stood in the front. he looked to be twenty or so, and he had black stubble tracing his jawline. his wavy black hair curled down to his shoulders. black leather pants clothed his legs and a  System of a Down tee shirt covered his top.

  he looked defiant, not realy teacher-appropriate material to me. he seemed strange, almost mean, and why on earth would our principle hire a metalhead teacher? what's he going to teach us? how to headband? if he talks to me tomorrow, i'll definitely say that to his face. as a fellow metalhead, and my little talent, i can see that although he seems arrogant he does care about music, but i can't tell if it's an act or not and that infuriates me. i'm going to ignore him.

  he has a rather good taste in bands. I my evil side thought before i inwardly cursed and returned to my book.

  the man begins a thing about introducing ourselves. yuck.

  "hey." he spoke in my general direction.

  I ignored.

  he poked me on the shoulder. "well are you going to introduce yourself?"

  "why?" i hissed. that usually did the trick in making them leave me the hell alone, but instead of grimacing, he just grinned and turned his attention to miss Gibson's stupid "i'm leaving, i'll miss you so much." bull shit.

  I glared at him and returned to my book.

  he bothered me no more during class, for that of which I am thankful. I nodded to Admarenada, and speed-walked into the hallway. it is like a stampede out there. 

  i loved my next class; english. the teacher, Mrs. Brazilia, is so amazing. she is quite possibly the most loquacious person on the planet, yet it was not annoying in the least. very outgoing is she, and a small classroom it is, everyone there is friendly with one another. we shared many stories and gave input, unlike every other class i have ever been in. no one here was reserved, and the only exception to that is, well, me.

  i climbed onto the back shelves and sat with my book, my peers no longer giving me rude stares, as i have resided here daily. Mrs. Brazilia paid me no mind, and i am happy to get lost in the world of Alaska and Miles.

  soon enough, i am drawn back into focus and listened attentively to the class discussion.

  "but, i beg your pardon miss, i believe that breastfeeding in public is wrong." a kid spoke loudly.

  "why?" a girl asked.

  "because, it is like public nudity!"

  "men can take their shirts off, but women can't because their chest is larger? how is that even remotely fair?"

  another boy piped up. "it is different!"

  "How? why is it any different than when men remove their shirts? i don't understand, and personally i think that rule is ridiculous! women should have the right to take off their shirts if it is socially acceptable for men to do it, let alone feed their child!"

  i sniffed and shifted, rubbing my ear as i increasingly become more heated.

   "But it isn't socially acceptable! Women aren't supposed to show themselves! it's indecent!" the boy shouted.

   at this, i became furious. i wanted to pound that kid's head onto the desk in frustration. and for the first time ever, i said something willingly in this class. "Men only agree to women's nudity if it is for their pleasure. otherwise, they do not care."

  and for the first time because of me, every mouth dropped to the floor. i could practically hear the crickets chirping. i saw the boys desperately racking their brains to defend themselves, yet nothing came to any. then, one by one, all of the girls applauded. even some of the boys, who yelped enthusiastically.

  eventually, the class calmed once again, and the teacher personally thanked me for being the best debate she has ever witnessed, and i thought she was just laying it on thick. i looked at her intently. she looked to the left upper corner when she said it while she nervously, yet subconsciously, twirled her skull ring around her finger.


  eventually the class is over and the defending bell rung overhead.  i fought my way through the crowd ad hoped i didn't get scared like last time. literally, i have a scar on my arm from when a girl with idiotically long fingernails clawed me as she walked by.


  when the bell did ring, i literally run to lunch. besides, i'm starving.

 the rest of the day went by without anything to mention, so i intentionally forgot it as i returned home. no, let me rephrase that- the place i am currently staying because i have to by law.

 i bid Admeranada goodnight and returned to my house without another word.

 as i sleep, my dreams are restless as the shouts and sounds of breaking reached my ears from the floor. i turned on the small flashlight i kept beside me and quickly checked under the bed. childish, i know a seventeen year old should not be so frightened, but you would feel the same, if not worse, if you had been through what i have.

 i stepped jumped quietly onto the fortunate placed beam above my bed. i leaped from beam to beam until i reached the middle of the room where the beams cascaded up into a point. i climbed slowly, not wanting to risk a fall, because if that didn't injure me,  the fall would call something that would. a small window that let light in was half of my destination. when i reached it i have also reached a small a narrow sort of wooden cave that was hidden in the wall. not big by any means, but my own small form of escape.

 i rubbed my nose, cleared my throat, and curled into a ball on top of the ratty old blanket and lighted a candle that burned vanilla scents as the wax burned. for a while i watched that. my eyes are growing heavy, and i can't bare to look at the light any longer. i blow it out and look through the window, my window.

   the stars tonight are big, as is the moon. it seems tonight, on this lonely one, they are my only friends.


 huzzah! you've made it threw the second chapter. *cue light shining from the heavens as hallighueya plays* well, i hope you have enjoyed so far. i hope i don't sound like i am begging for likes or whatever, but i would appreciate it if you could comment some critique if you have any, i love getting better. and if you enjoyed tell me so!

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