The Thunder Of Kiwea

The dragons of Kiwea are thinning out and she is the last onyx dragon in her Thunder. Jinda, her mate, is the Lord of dragons and red as blood. She wants to find more like her, but she's rather restricted with her duties. Is she really alone in the world, or just the only one for a while?


13. Ch. 12

"Well?" He asked as I walked into his cavern, my wings tired and my body heavy. "He can shift." I whispered, dropping myself to the stone beside him, my exhaustion showing in every way. His eyes grew wide as I nuzzled his neck. "How is that possible?" I huffed a little puff of hot air in his face and blinked. "He said that all of my color has the ability to do so. Do you think he's telling the truth?" He shrugged, his massive shoulders bunching. "We will see soon either way. He has agreed to train me in the ways of shifting. We start the day after tomorrow." He slit his eyes, but nodded his consent. "Arona?" I looked up into his eyes, finding longing within those red pools I knew so well. "Yes, My Lord?" I asked, reaching over and gently nipping at his neck. He uttered a low growl deep within his throat and I could feel his scales heat next to me. "I saw the way he moved around you... did he make anything of it?" I backed away and nodded slightly. "He tried, but I told him I had no interest." He smiled, his ivory teeth gleaming. I moved and nipped the spot between his shoulder-blades, causing him to growl in a way I rarely heard. "Arona... Will we ever-" "Why not now?" I asked and his breath halted for a second. "After your training." He replied, shock still clear on his face. "Soon, My Love... Soon." I whispered as I laid my head on his forelegs and he wrapped his tail and neck around me, encasing me in a circle of protection and love.

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