What to do when I die

My name is Elizabeth Dawson. I'm 13 years old, and I have just been diagnosed with a disese that the doctor said I would only have a week to live. I want to cross off everything on my bucket list, and I am pretty sure that I can get it all done. I just need some help.


1. September 5th

 I walk out of the hospital with a grim look on my face. I now have to tell my friends I don't have a week to live. I slowly walk up to them where they are waiting on a bench.

"So? What's the news?" my friend Annaleise asks.

"Uh, Less then a week." I explain reluctently. All of their heads look down to the ground. Then I remember, there is only one person here: Annaleise. All my other friends just said 'goodbye' and walked away, but not her. Annaleise made sure not to leave. She stayed.

"Well, let's get started then," she exclaimes and stands up, brushing off her pants. 

"What do you mean?" I ask, clearly confused.

"Remember when you were first diagonosed and you gave me this?" here she holds up a small piece of paper. It has 1-10 on it and words next to those.

"My bucket list?" I ask, still not clearly understanding.

"Yes. Let's get started on it! I want to do everything on here by sunday." and with that, she pulls me down the road and we start walking. "Okay, so the first thing on your list is 'Jump off Old Man's bridge'. Isn't that a big thing for the first one?" 

"It might be, but i'll never get to do it again so I might as well do it now." I tell her, hoping she'll agree. 

"Okay. Let's head that way then." and we start walking over. Old man's bridge isn't really as big as it sounds. I mean, it's big but it isn't huge. It's a car bridge over Old Man's lake, and it was tradition that when you turn 13, your supposed to jump off, symbolizing that you are a teenager. I never jumped off. I was in the hospital the day of my birthday, but not now. I walk slowly up to the wall as the car zoom past me. I can feel the wind blowing my hair.

"Careful, Eliza." Anna tells me. "I don't want you to die a week to early." 

I carefully put one leg onto the bridge wall and then grab onto Anna's hand, steading me. I push my self up the rest of the way. Anna slowly walks down to the bottom where I was supposed to land. It wasn't even 10 feet so I wasn't that scared. I slowly take a deep breath, then look down. Okay it looks a lot farther then I thought it would. I do what I've seen all of the other 13 year old's in my past do: Stick one foot off like I'm walking and then step down. I feel the wind rush past me and then feel the cold rush around me. I barely get in a breath before my head goes under the water. I stay down there for at least 30 seconds appreciating the silence before coming back up  to the surface. I hear cheering more then just Anna and look up at the bridge to see at least 15 people who pulled their cars over and stepped out to watch me. I stick my arm out and wave to them. They give me thumbs up back. I slowly climb out of the water and into the freezing cold. Anna hands me a towel as I climb out of the water. 

"First one down. What's next?" I ask, as she pulls out her list. The people are starting to thin out. Everyone loves watching kids cross into teenage-hood.

"Let's see. We're only gonna do two today, tomorrow, and the next day, and then one on all the days after that. Today's last one is, 'Go to the concert playing at the music hall'. What's today's concert?" Anna asks me. She knows I keep the list with me wherever I go. I pull it out, even though it's a bit soggy, and read it.

"Today's is Twenty one pilots!" I practically scream. I love them so much. 

"Let's go get the tickets, how much?" she asks, getting out her wallet. 

"Twelve dollars each." I tell her, though I hide my face after saying it. My family doesn't have a lot of money with all of my hospital bill so I never thought I could do my bucket list in the first place.

"Perfect, I've got 24 right here." and she drags me down the road and into town. We walk past the small town shops with dresses in their windows. We finally get to the mall and walk towards the music hall. I get super excited, but I'm also sopping wet. I realize this.

"What about my clothes?" I ask Anna

"Oh!" she exclaims. "Quick in here!" and with that Anna pulls me into an Abercrombie and Fitch. She fast-walks me to the dressing rooms and shoves me inside of one. 

"Here put this on." she tells me through the door. She shoves a pink crop top and jean short shorts under the door. I put them on as quickly as possible and walk out.

"Perfect." Anna whispers. She walks me to the counter. "Here can you ring everything she's wearing up? She's got to keep it on. Her other clothes are wet cause she just jumped off Old Man's bridge." She explains to the clerk.

"Happy sweet 13." The man behind the counter says to me, smiling. He looks about 16. "Well hop on up here."

I look at him funny then realize he has to ring up the clothes. I hop onto the counter and he scans the top and the short shorts. He comes way to close to my butt but doesn't do anything else. I hop down and Anna pays.

"Let's get going Eliza. Bye, thanks!" she says to the man and pulls me out of the store. We practically run the rest of the way to the music hall and buy the tickets just as they sell out. 

"All we have left are two floor seats but their 30 dollars girls not 24." The woman tells us with a sad look on her face.

"I have 10. Here." I tell her and pull out my wallet. I hand her a soggy 10 dollar bill and she looks at my hair.

"Just jump off Old Man's?" she asks.

"Yep." I smile. She smiles back and then hands us the tickets. 

"Have fun girls." she calls to us. 

"Well, we just checked off number 2!" Anna yells to me over the loud noise as we walk into the auditorium.

"I'd die for you. That's easy to say. We have a list of people that we would take a bullet for them, a bullet for you, a bullet for everybody in this room. But there doesn't seem to be any bullets coming through, bullets coming through. Metaphoricly I'm the man, but litterly I don't know what I'd do." we hear over the loud speakers.

"Riiiiiide! Takin' my time on my riiiide!" I sing along. This was only the first day.

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