Only In The Dark

A boy with his eye on two worlds and a disappearing family, Oliver Shawl is put to the test to finish his father's work and save man kind from the monsters and demons that walk among us in the dark.
This was my Nano write that I, unfortunately, was late to sign up for due to technical difficulties.


29. 65 Years Ago

Kingston’s little sister stood in front of him, her head in her palms as tears dripped out between her fingers. Blood covered the rim of her dress and some was scattered over her peach colored skirt. He could hear his little sister’s whimpering in the back of his head. His legs collapsed under him and he fell to his knees in front of her. His head down as he stared wide eyed at her little feet under her dress. Blood pooled over her toes till you could barely pick out the color of her feet. His chest was still heaving from the 10 minute run he did. The living room was torn apart; from the broken TV on the ground to the flipped over couch against the wall. The door was wide open when he had arrived, he was too late. Kingston choked back his tears as he pictured his mother’s body in the tub.

    He felt cold shaky hands cup his cheeks and lift his head. Her hazel eyes seemed to darken and her lip trembled. She collapsed onto her knees as well and fell against his chest. “Kim?” He whispered softly against her hair and wrapped his arms around her tiny frame she let out a soft breath and he felt wet sticky stuff soaking the back of her dress. “Kimmy!” He screamed then picked her up off her feet and held her in his arms as he looked down into her face. “Don’t leave me Kim! Stay awake! Stay awake!” She stared up at him wide eyed. Her eyes never leaving his.

    “B-Bubba…” she took in a deep breath then began to cough uncontrollably. Kingston could hear sirens in the distance as blood dripped out the corner of her mouth.

    “Sh. Just stay awake Kimmy. Help is coming.” He held her gently in his arms; tears falling off his face while his whole body shook. The sirens came closer until he could see the lights outside the front door. Kingston looked back down at Jenny who was beginning to let her eyes close. He shook her a little and screamed for help.

Men ran up to the door, their eyes wandering around the room to the little girl and the boy on the floor. She lay alone and covered in blood. Her chest was heaving and her eyes were half closed. They hurried over to her, kneeling beside her as they spoke. She was silent and just stared up at her brother who was crying uncontrollably, telling her to stay awake. “Will she be okay?” No one answered him.

    More police ran in through the door and searched the house with guns in hand. On the floor in the kitchen was a young woman about 30 years of age in a flower dress. Her hair was curled and put up in a bun, but some of her hair was torn out from her head and lay on the floor next to her. Blood stained the floor around her from an open wound that went right through her stomach. “One.” The man yelled out.

Another police officer was in the bathroom looking at an older man who must have been brushing his teeth for bed when something came out of nowhere and tore him in half so the top of his body was in the tub and his legs were in front of the sink. “Two! Jesus what could have done this?”

Kingston stayed by his sister’s side. Encouraging her to breathe but it was no use. He cried uncontrollably and yelled into his hands, but no one could hear him. Everything was falling apart right in front of him.

Another man walked into a bedroom to find another body but of a teenage boy who was tied to a chair and his body was slashed all over. Blood dripped around the chair and made a perfect circle around it. But there were strange markings around the circle that caught the cop’s attention. “Three!”

The police picked up the little girl’s body and rushed her to the ambulance. Kingston watched her go in complete shock by what had just happened. What kind of monster would do such a thing? And why to his family? A police man began to question him but he wasn’t paying any attention to him. He was busy plotting revenge on whatever had brought him pain.

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