Memoirs of a Phoenix

A mysterious creature lurks through these woods
It is as frightening as it is beautiful
Beware its terrible beak and its terrible claws
Beware its terrible breathe that spits fire and chars
Beware the flaming bird of prey
It courts death and brings dismay
If you are smart, you can cage this bird
Clip her wings and freedom for good
Put her in a cage gilded with gold
With no way in or out, and she will be yours
The Phoenix is a terrible creature
However, it is much more pitiful


1. Prisoner No More

I awoke to the sound of birds chirping. I sat up in my bed and looked around, but everything was still the same as it had been yesterday. My bed was the same. Lavishly pink. The same soft rugs lined the floor underneath. A tall mirror supported by three legs, the frame made of gold, stood beside a sort of white wardrobe on the far end. Beside my bed was a lift pink vanity with a smaller square mirror, lined with perfumes and gaudy jewelry. Everyday a new piece would be found lying there, as if my content could be bought with shiny trinkets. At first, it doesn't seem so bad, this beautiful room and it's endless supply of luxurious things. Everything I could possibly want or need is provided. It was essentially perfect, that is until you noticed the bars.

My "room" was a large building made entirely of glass. In the middle of this building was a cage gilded with golden bars, it's size fits for a giant bird. The bars were set far enough apart that it was possible to slip through them, but there was heavy surveillance. I had found that out early on. Thick greenery surrounded my prison. I was trapped. I had been trapped ever since I woke up that day. I knew things that I didn't remember learning too. It was strange how many things went through my mind.

The door to the greenhouse opened, and the same old lady who always came at this time walked in. She was silent, like always, she never spoke to me, ever. I gave up trying to get answers from her a long time ago. She set a plate of food down through the bars of the cage. For some reason, I felt like trying to speak to her again.

"Why am I here?" I asked. She did not answer. Typical I thought.

I didn't feel like eating, so I moved away from her. I started muttering, "I hate this place. I wish I was free to at least walk in this garden."

"Freedom is an illusion. Even when you think you are free, there is always some higher power there to control you."

I looked her way. "But surely anything could be better than this?"

She scoffed at my comment. "You truly are a naive child, untaught in the ways of this cruel world."

I frowned at that, and she continued, "You are a lucky thing, you could be in far worse situations. Anything you ask for, you get." She said with disdain. I couldn't tell if it was for me or my situation in general. "You want to walk outside your cage? Meet people? Learn about the world?"

I looked back at her and thought for a moment. Is this life truly so bad? The old lady was right, there are much worse situations I could be in, most of them involving death. But still, it would be nice to see more than just a garden and bars of a cage. I shook my head up and down at her, signaling that I wanted more freedom.

She sighed as if I was making a big mistake, but would let me figure it out on my own. "Then ask to meet with the young master who keeps you locked up in here. He will not deny you anything except for the freedom to leave. Ask him to let you move into the main house, to take private classes, the meet other people. To actually live a life. He will listen and grant you your wish."

"But who do I ask?"

"There are guards in here. They are well hidden and make not a sound, but they are your personal team of protection, ask them." The old lady rose to leave.

"Wait!" I blurted out. She hesitated at first, but looked at me again. "What's your name?"

I saw what looked like the hint of a smile, but it was gone in a flash. "Pamela, but people call me Pam."

"Thank you, Pam."

Her expression softened a little before going back to its usual hard distance, and she left the greenhouse. I took the plate she had given me, and I started to eat.



From what I could tell, it was late afternoon. The red and orange light filling the greenhouse with a beautiful light. After I had finished eating I did exactly what Pam had told me to do before. I called out to anyone who was there. After fifteen minutes of incessant yelling, one of them came. He was burly, heavily built for battle, but he had the kindest eyes I ever saw, and I've only ever seen Pam's. I asked to speak to the master of the house, and he reluctantly agreed. I know he heard the conversation, he looked like he already knew what I was going to ask. He disappeared as quickly as he came.

I didn't know when the master would come, if he came at all, so I waited in utter silence, I tried to call out to the other guards for company, now that I knew they were there, but none came. I was about to call out again when the door to the greenhouse opened, and in walked a young man. He didn't look much older than me.

He walked with grace, like he was above everyone else, but his expression wasn't that of arrogance. It was something else; something I couldn't quite put my finger on. His blue eyes connected with mine at once. He was slim, a slight build, but he still looked strong.

He stopped in front of my cage. "Hello, Feene." He said. "You asked to see me?"

I swallowed the lump in my throat, "Yes. I want out."

He smiled as if I was a small child he was amusing himself with. "I'm afraid you'll have to be more specific. You want out of what?"

"This cage." I tried not to grit my teeth. "I want to at least have some freedom if I'm to be locked up in this place."

He laughed. "I'm sorry, I was teasing you, my dear." He regained his composure and placed a serious look on his face. "You ask me to let you walk free? Where I can't keep surveillance over you?" He didn't let me interject, "You have no idea how valuable you are, or what kind of people would like to get their hands on you."

"I was going to suggest that instead of keeping me in a cage, I could maybe live in the main house. See the world for what it is and meet people. Learn about the world-"

"And not just be some dumb little bird stuck in a cage. Well I'm guessing you wouldn't stop bothering you guards if I said no, and poor Theo here just can't stomach the idea of a girl screaming out for "help"." He said sarcastically.

I didn't share his same sense of humor. Although he carried himself with the air of a mature adult, the "Master" acts like an adolescent boy who likes teasing girls. Maybe I could use that to my advantage.

I was about to speak again before he cut me off, "Fine."

"...What?" I was taken aback for a second.

He sighed as if I was a little kid, again, not understanding what was so obvious, "I mean, fine, I'll let you live in the main house, however, you have to obey every single thing I tell you to do."

I cringed a little, "Everything?"

He smiled devilishly. "Yes, everything."

He removed a controller from his pocket and clicked the button. Immediately after, a small section of my cage detached from a half way point and sunk into the floor. The Master motioned for me to come out, and I did. Then I was suddenly flanked by guards on both sides, one of which, was the "Theo" that the Master had referred to.

They walked me out of the green house and up a long cobble stoned path to a large mansion. Finally, we arrived at the large double wooden doors to the mansion. At last.


I was a prisoner no more.

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