Forever you and me

I wrote this for my brother and his fiancés wedding.


1. Forever you and me

From the dawn of time you were meant to be mine 

Til death do us part this is the start

You have my heart every little part 

And forever we will be you and me  


You and me the world will see

We were always meant to be 

Together forever you and me  


The timing is right

So Let's not fight

Just sit and smile for a while

Put all of our troubles in a pile And drive away for miles and miles  


You make me smile

As I walk down the aisle 

My shoes click on the tile 

My heart thuds in my chest

Waiting for the moment to say I do

For I know that you love me too  


I'm in awe 

As I see you walking towards me with not a flaw I feel it should be against the law  

To look as gorgeous as she does

In this moment we make our promise 

One that I make for my goddess   


The life we chose is one to keep 

And I am sure it will not be bleak 

But I'm so excited to take a peek 

Though I'm sure there will be a leak

It's nothing that cannot be fixed in a week  


May the love you share blossom and flare

For I feel it is so rare

To find such a perfect pair

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