Can't change Time

It about A girl in her mom want her to be in a tribe so she will be successful in life but something goes wrong.


3. Chapter 3

Every time I step in The lunch room Zack would look away when I sit with them he doesn't talk to me when I work with Adam he looks at him with a mad face. Ashley asks if I'm okay I said yes but I didn't want to tell he r the real reason I was walking down the hall then two hands grab me I was about to scream Intill I saw who it was it was Adam.

Why did you do that I ask

I have to talk to you don't tell anyone

Okay I said softly

I was looking into your file's in I find out that you have some power of such that you can get out of problem

What I would no if I have a power

He look at me with his eyes in took my hand

He lean in and kiss me on my  lips

Why did you do that for

I want to do that for so long 

Then I kiss him back we broke apart once we heard footstep

We had to hide in the back so we don't get caught it was a girl voices in a boy  It was Ashley she said we have to kill Angel if we don't she can mess up the plan the boy said I work on it I still mad at her for lying. I felt hurt as I listen It was Ashley in Zack trying to get rid of me I felt a tear slide down my cheek in Adam washing it away. What we going to do we just can't let them do this you can't tell anyone but you have to stay away from them okay I kiss him. In head out when I was around the corner, I saw Zack coming my way I didn't know what to do so I kept  walking he almost reach me when Adam came to help. Ashley, you left your conductor thanks, I was looking for that then I hug him to make Zack mad  he was looking at me with a mad face then he spoke up. Ashley, We need to talk about a matter. Okay Zack,I said Zack grab my hand in pull me away I look at Adam he mouths the word be careful. Then Zack lead me to they gym no one was in sight he starts talking about your my girlfriend why are you hugging that freak. I answer angerly he not a freak for one in I could hug anybody I want to we are not married yet so you can't act like you own me. He looks at me with a sour look just watch  you back in he was gone . As I was walking to the room I thought about what he meant  when I made it to my door I hear something coming from my room I walk in there was Zack looking through my things. What are you doing I scream!!! Get out now!! He start to say something then something hit me on the head then I black out seeing Ashley before it was darkness. 




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