Can't change Time

It about A girl in her mom want her to be in a tribe so she will be successful in life but something goes wrong.


2. Chapter 2




It was training day for us so me and Ashley start to walk to training when we walk into the gym we saw lists of names of who people going to against in who people had to get training for I search my name I didn't see it so I ask one of the trainers his name was Adam he told me that I be training with him away from the group don't tell anybody I told him ok me in him walk out of the gym down the basement into a room in the room contain weapons I look with each with a surprised look I seen those before.

Adam why do we have to work alone

You are not like the other there are different levels for you

How are they are different 

He step closer took my hands in his we can't discuss

He drops my hand in start to telling what we  are doing in the room I listen carefully when he was done he said we well start the next day. He wants to get to know me I ask him what he asks me did I like my partner I said, Yes I have to do you like yours, He didn't answer right away I was going  to ask again he said undetermined I'm free as a bird. I look at him with a shocked face what really I just want to go up to him in hug him in tell it to be okay but that to wired so I went up to him in hug him I'm pretty sure he hug me back we stood like that until I back out. Why did you hug me he asks I hug you because I feel sad that you don't have a  life partner in  anybody well be lucky to have you I blush on the last part because he has blonde hair green eyes like me? He looks at me for the longest time I look back in him he came closer we were so close I want him to kiss me. He was about to kiss when the bell ring He said we have to go so we walk back to the gym everyone look beat they didn't ever look up the only person is staring is Zack in he has an unpleasant look on his face I walk to him. 

Hey how was your training

It was good why weren't you here

I can't tell you zack

Why are you keeping secrets from me 

I'm not I just can't tell you

He look at me with a mad face in he left 

I walk to my room not turning back in laid on the bed mad at myself for almost kissing him in lied to my boyfirend I want to call my mom but I wasn't going to let her know what I did I thought about why I have to work  work adam.

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