This is my final entry!!


1. Last Comeptition entry~IF

If I could change everything, I would.

I hide the pain and sadness.

I put "the mask" on everyday.

I've built walls but the cracks are showing through.


So many regrets. So many feelings.

I've been hurt too many times.

But I am a survivor.

That's what I thought.

Now these walls are coming down.

Exposed and broken.

will survive.


In the beginning I told them.

 I told them who I was,

No one liked it.

So I gave up.

Gave into societies judgement.

I hate the way I look, so I hide my face.

Until you came along.

I didn't mean to lie.

To hurt you, but I did.

I can't change that, but I wish.

I am not strong, I am weak.


I give into my demons.

And the voices.

I was scared.

I made the wrong decisions,

I'm sorry.

I'll say it a thousand times.

I'm sorry,

I'm sorry.

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