The Corner of Fifth Street

18 years, 365 days in a year, the same cycle. Until 1 late November day throws Lily’s perfect cycle off course. Was he really there? Who was he? Is she safe?

*contains mild language and threat. some things can be triggering. story deals with mental health*
Copyright © 2016 by bella zaffino
Copyright © 2016 The Corner of Fifth Street

All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form


4. Chapter Three: Lose Yourself

Weeks had past. We settled in, we started classes, we met new people, but we didn’t see Harry once after the first day. I don’t know why but it put me on edge, I didn’t feel safe not knowing where he was. Did he know where I was? I asked myself millions of questions and each one had millions of possible answers. I was drowning in my thoughts until I was pulled back up by a faint sound.

“Mia?! Hello… are you even listening to me?!”

“Uh, yeah, yeah sorry Meg, just had a mini black out then, I’m sorry.” I said as I looked around me unsure of where I really was.

“It’s alright,” she said, “anyways back to the question - are you gonna come to the party tonight?”

“I don’t know why you’re asking me that, we both know that despite my answer I’ll either be going willingly or unwillingly so yes, yes I’ll go to the party with you, yes I’ll be your wing girl, but no, you cannot leave me on my own for more than 30 minutes - is that clear?”

“Yes Ma’me!” I laughed as she spoke those words, she always took the piss out of me, I hated her for it. Not a genuine hate, a playful hate, like I just wanted to punch her in the face for it but laugh at myself with her at the same time.   


We both knew that with it being the first party of the year there, we both had to look hot - but not hot on the whore scale, hot on the classy scale. We were going to have to see these people again. With that in mind we both decided that a long trip to the mall was necessary - a bit of retail therapy never hurt anybody (despite last time) - just their bank account. We went into every clothing shop possible, and no that was not an exaggeration. Meg insisted that we ‘explore all of our choices ‘cause we need to look perfect.'   


After what felt like days at the mall, we finally found ‘the perfect outfit’ and left, heading back to our dorm. We had 3 hours to kill before the party ‘officially’ started, which meant 5 hours until we actually had to go. That seemed like plenty of time to do mine and Meg’s hair, nails and make-up (Meg was pretty useless with those on the night of parties as she’d be getting drunk hours before it was even time to go). With 2 hours to go and god knows how many drinks down, I only had our hair left to do and then we could both change and prepare for our miniature photoshoot (let’s be honest, every girl and their best friend do it).  


Following the photoshoot and despite the amount of alcohol consumption, Meg and I finally made it to the party. It hadn’t even been 10 minutes and some cute guy had already walked over to Meg. I couldn’t help but wonder if Harry would be there, I kept looking around but they were all just faces - not Harry. I zoned back in when I heard

“Lily?? This is Paul, he’s in our law.”

“Paul, yeah, Paul, oh my god Paul! Hi!”

"Hey Lily,” he laughed, “you weren’t joking Meg, she is funny.”

I could see Meg giving me the plea to let her wonder off for a bit.

“Hey, umm, I’ve gotta use the toilet, you two have fun alright? I’ll meet you in like half an hour alright Meg?”

“Yes!!” she squealed.

“See you later Lily,” Paul smiled as the two headed to the dance floor.  


I can’t dance and I wasn’t going to try to - at least not before I had a bit more to drink. As I half staggered onto the dance floor, I felt like someone was watching me but everyone was doing their own thing. It was creepy, but I just assumed it was the drinks. 10 minutes on the dance floor and I had already embarrassed myself. 

“Oh my gosh I’m so sorry I didn’t even see you there and then it just-“

“It’s fine,” he said laughing at me, “Who are you? I’ve not seen you around.”

“I-I’m Lily,” I said brushing my hair behind my ear as I looked down.

“I’m Chase, nice to meet you Lily. I’m gonna go grab another drink seeing as how mine is now all over,” he laughed, “you want one while I’m there?”

“Sure,” I laughed, “Mailboo and Coke please!”  


I couldn’t help but think he had run off as 5 minutes passed, I mean how long do 2 drinks take to make? But my thoughts were put to rest when I saw his smiling face coming back towards me.

“So what’re you studying here?”

“Law!,” I shouted over the music, “you?”


“Sounds boring,” I said teasing him. Despite talking to Chase I still wanted Harry, I wanted to talk to him and get to know him, I just didn’t understand him or anything and I wanted to, I wanted answers.

“I-Is it umm hot in here or is it just umm just me?” I asked whilst everything started going blurry.

“It’s okay Lily, everything is going to be okay,” Chase said as he took me in his arms.

What was happening? I could hear sounds but I could barely see anything, only Chase’s face. 

“Watch out! She’s my girlfriend don’t worry, move man I’m helping her.” Was Chase on about me? Why was he lying to people and where were we going? He laid me down on the bed as he got on-top of me.

“I didn’t think you’d be this easy to be frank Lily, I thought you were a bit smarter,” he said smirking, “guess I’m just lucky.”

“Get off of me you pig! Help me! Oh my god please someone help me!” I screamed crying, trying to fight him off me, but I was too weak and he was clearly a professional at this.

“No one can hear you up here, why do you think we came here? I wouldn’t pick somewhere where we could be easily disrupted.” He said as he frowned down at me, “now stop crying, you might actually make me feel bad.”  


Just as I thought everything for me was going to be over, I heard another voice in the room as Chase’s body lifted from off the bed.

“Don’t touch her you piece of shit.”

“I haven’t yet, you rudely interrupted.” Chase told the person.

“Meg?,” I said as I attempted to look around.

I heard 5 thuds and with that I passed out.    


I awoke hours later, it was dark, but I could tell it definitely wasn’t my dorm. I sat up in panic slowly remembering everything that had happened and with so many questions going through my head I tried to get up and run. I bumped into the figure at the doorway as they turned on the lights.


“God you slept for ages, was contemplating whether or not you were dead,” he said realising now was not the time for jokes as he looked me in the eyes and said “I’m just glad you’re okay though Lily.”

“What happened? Did he-“

“No, I ran in before he could.” As he said that I felt somewhat at ease.

“But you, how did you-“

“I saw him taking you upstairs, I knew you didn’t know him cause you’ve never spoke to him since being here.”

"But how would you know who I talk-“ 

“I keep a close eye for you,” he said looking down at the ground, “look, here’s a towel and a shirt, go clean up and hopefully you’ll feel a bit better, but I think that’s enough questions for tonight.” He said as he turned away and walked out of the room.

“Who’s room is this!” I shouted.

“Mine, don’t make a mess!” He shouted back laughing at me.  


It felt so nice being in such a warm and comforting position as I stood in the shower, letting the water drip off of me. I still had so many questions but I was just so happy that Harry came when he did and that he helped me rather than taking advantage of this all himself. I got out wrapping myself in the towel but as I tied my hair up in a wet messy bun it dropped, and just when I thought the night couldn’t get any worse, Harry walked in and just stood there.

“You’ll catch flies.”

“Sorry I-you were taking ages so I came to just check that you were a-okay,” he said turning around.

“I’m okay thank you, can we pretend that that did;t just happen?”

“Yes.” He said back quickly as the redness overpowered his face.

“So the mysterious guy does feel things?” I said teasing him, “that’s one question answered. You can turn around now,” I said as the shirt covered the top came down, covering the of my thighs. “Could I watch a film? I’m not really tired but I kinda want to think about anything except tonight.”

“Uh yeah that’s fine, pick whatever you want,” He said.


“Fine…” he said rolling his eyes laughing at me batting my eyelashes like a child wanting a new toy. “I’ll be on the couch if you need me.” 

“Wait,” I said as he stopped walking away and turned around. “Could you stay in here tonight, umm, with me, and watch it with me please. I don’t really feel safe here or at all after tonight really.”

“Umm yeah sure,” he said cautiously, "just don’t get any ideas,” he smirked and winked as the confidence came back to him.  


I cuddled up next to him in his arms as he turned the lights off and Frozen began to play. I felt so safe, so content, like nothing and no one could hurt me. I fell asleep before the film even finished.

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