The Corner of Fifth Street

18 years, 365 days in a year, the same cycle. Until 1 late November day throws Lily’s perfect cycle off course. Was he really there? Who was he? Is she safe?

*contains mild language and threat. some things can be triggering. story deals with mental health*
Copyright © 2016 by bella zaffino
Copyright © 2016 The Corner of Fifth Street

All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form


2. Chapter One: The Corner of Fifth Street

Chapter One: The Corner of Fifth Street  

If I could go back to that November day I would. I’d have never snuck out after being grounded and I’d have never tried to go to Steve’s. Why? Because if I’d have just stayed home I would’t have put myself in danger. But no, ‘rebel lily’ just had to go Steve’s party, she just had to sneak out, she just had to see the mysterious guy on the corner of fifth street. I ran, I ran back home, climbed up and into my room and I tried to sleep it off, I wanted it to all be a dream but no matter how much I pinched myself, no matter how hard I tried, I realised if it really was a dream, I wasn’t waking up from it any time soon. Yet after countless long hours, I finally drifted off.  


I awoke the next morning recalling the events of last night, feeling sick to my stomach I got up and showered, trying to put last night in the back of my mind while I got ready for a shopping trip for Meg’s. Although I was grounded, I needed something to wear to a ‘posh’ family event so mom allowed it. It was 11 and as I walked out of the house, saying bye to my family, I noticed him again, this time he was the one that ran. I ran to Meg’s car demanding she drove and drove quickly. 

“Lily, what the hell is going on?!” she said to me with fear on her face. 

“Meg, I don’t know who or why but when I snuck out last night to go to Steve’s this guy was standing there on the corner of fifth street starring at me so I ran, I ran home… and then just then I saw him again, but this time he ran away. What if he followed me Meg?! Who is he?! Why is he here?!” 

“Lil, you need to tell your parents!”

“Are you fucking kidding me?! I’d rather the guy find me and kill me than tell them I snuck out last night and ran into some creep!” I knew Meg was right but I couldn’t take my chances. If I told them I’d be grounded for a life time.  


The mall was packed, by the time we parked and got inside we both decided it’d be best if we got some food first, and so off to Burger King we went. I got us a table while Meg ordered and I couldn’t help but lose myself in my thoughts of this guy, his gorgeous smile kept replaying in my mind but his fearful eyes haunted me. “Lily Elizabeth Collins, what have you gotten yourself into” I said to myself as I thought of the countless amounts of possibilities.   As we walked around, shop by shop, slowly getting everything off my list, we stopped in one last shop. The dress shop. As Meg and I goofed around for a bit giving each other exotic and ugly dresses, we realised it was properly time we were serious about picking beautiful dresses that I might wear. As I stepped out in this skin tight black dress, my blonde hair dropping behind it, and before Meg could speak, I heard a familiar voice…

“Looks great angel face, would look better on my floor though.” I could feel my face burning from Steve’s words as I began to feel uncomfortable. He walked over getting closer and closer as I stepped further back with each step forward until I hit a wall.

“Why do you look so afraid angel face.” He said, smirking and cupping my face with his hand.

“L-Leave me alone Steve,” I replied as I pushed him back.

“You know what happens to bitches like you right?” He said, smashing his lips on mine.

“Steve stop!” I cried as I slapped him as hard as I could, and with that he grabbed my wrists slamming them against the wall.

“Stop being a bitch Lily and I won’t have to hurt you.” And just as I thought he was going to hit me, I heard an unfamiliar voice…

“Didn’t your mother ever teach you how to treat a lady asshole, or was she too busy regretting never using a condom in the first place.”

“Dunno who the fuck you think you are big man but she’s my girlfriend so I suggest you leave before you regret getting involved in the first place.” Steve snapped back to the guy.

“Tragic that your so called girlfriend is terrified of you.” 

“I don’t have time for this, lets go lads,” Steve turned and gestured the lads to follow, “I’m done talking to the whore and some nobody.” Their footsteps distanced and I finally opened my eyes still shaking and crying.

“Wait!,” I said following the lad that helped - but then I noticed he was’t just any lad, he’s the one I saw last night and earlier this morning. “Hey wait!” I exclaimed as I started running after him and out the shop. He immediately emerged with the crowd and I had lost him again. The sound of the alarm brought me back to my own thoughts as I realised I still had the unpaid dress on.  


I walked back into the shop, apologising to the manager who had seen it all and let me off, explaining how he didn’t think I was going to steal it and asked if I was okay after my 'boyfriend's' actions.

"Yes, thank you," I said, "but he's not my boyfriend sir." I finished, giving a false smile as I left and approached Meg. “That was him, that was the guy on the corner of fifth street,” I said frantically, she embraced me into a hug and said “that’s the dress, that’s the one."

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