When words run free and become sentences

My definition of life... Nah! Who do I think I am?


1. Murdering with a look

Your look hits me once again

A look I have gotten too many times!

But this time it ricochets of my armor

An armor I have made of thick skin

Thick skin that I have gotten from all the other times I have been hit



Sitting on your throne playing King

I am sick inside from the cancer that you inject in me

The world has cancer from your arrogant hate


Thinking that you have the rights to degrade me

But I am sick and tired

Of your type of person

That wants to force me

To be the person, that I know is not me


You are a murderer, killing the potential of other people

Sending a look that imitates and disgust

Killing all will to be original

You are a first classe dream killer!

But you don't even know it...

Torturing my soul and rights with a single frown



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