Vision of Earth

16 year old Kodym seemed like a normal, nice and sweet boy. Until he started to speculate and theorize about who he really is.
There is a secret. Something big happens every 10 years. And Kodym was going to find out what.


3. Chapter 3

Chapter 3


A blood curdling scream. “We have to get out of here.” The girl said in a state of panic. She rushed to pull him up. She put his left arm around her neck, and held it with her left hand. She also put right arm around his small waist.

They only got as far as out of the room, when they fell, but this gave Kodym the chance to look around. There were floor to ceiling windows next to every steel door, but all of the doors were open. “Strange.” He thought.

“Are you alright?” The girl asked. Kodym turned turned his head to the girl and saw that she was lying on her stomach and also her arm. She was reaching out to him with her other hand though. Kodym tried to reach for her hand. And surprisingly his hand did move, but it took some time for their hands to touch. When they did the girl smiled and said “Zaera. My name.. it’s Zaera.”



He just nodded. “Kodym, we have to go. It’s dangerous if we stay.” She said as she was getting up. It took her some time, and her legs were shaking, but she stood strong. “Can you stand?” Kodym shook his head. “Alright.” She walked over to him and pulled him up.

It was hard, you know, she being in the state she was in. Zaera had only pulled his arm around her neck, when they heard a thud. They looked up, and saw a man walking towards them.

He had a hood on, so they couldn’t see his face. He walked really fast towards them with a long and sharp knife in his left hand. Before they knew it he stood face to face with them, and said “I’m here to help you.” Zaera and Kodym just looked at him in confusion. “ Here take these.” He held out two pills. They hesitated, but then Zaera said “Why? What do they do?”



Authors note:

Well would you look at that. I'm back.

And I'm really sorry for taking so long with this chapter, but I did warn you. And... yeah.

I don't have much to talk about, except I want you to check out a story I co-wrote with my friend. It is called The Story of Random. Go and check it out. I hope we'll meet again.

Wish you all the best



P.S please don't be anxious about leaving comments or critics, and please tell me if there is a typo (^ω^)

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