Vision of Earth

16 year old Kodym seemed like a normal, nice and sweet boy. Until he started to speculate and theorize about who he really is.
There is a secret. Something big happens every 10 years. And Kodym was going to find out what.


1. Chapter 1


Kodym seemed like a normal boy. And he was. Well, until he was 16 that is. 


He was at school. They were learning about the famous quote “cogito ergo sum” by René Descartes

“The English translation is. I think, therefore I am.” Their teacher said. He explained a little more about it, but Kodym started to drift off to daydreamland.

‘What if.. I’m the only one that’s thinking? No way! That’s impossible.’ He thought ‘But still… What if?’

The day went by just like any other normal school day would. Kodym didn’t have any kind of activities after school. Well, maybe one. He really liked to draw. He drew something every day. He didn’t really brag about it. Actually, only a handful of people knew that he liked to draw.

When people would ask him what he wanted to be when he grew up, he would always respond with “I dunno.” And shrug. Or he would come up with a lame joke like “ I want to be happy.”

No one really knew that he wanted to be an animator though, but he didn’t really care. Either way, he was fine.


Four days went by since they learned about that quote. But Kodym couldn’t get it out of his head, and he started to notice stuff. Something felt off to him. He told himself that it was all in his head. But he still couldn’t shake that feeling off.

Kodyms favorite class was history. He was always taught how humans were greedy, and filthy creatures. And also how history always repeats itself. They would be taught about, how other countries were ruled many centuries ago, but never how they were ruled now. The teacher would just say “it is ruled differently today.” But he wouldn’t say if it was democratic, republican, etc. And Kodym found it very strange. He also didn’t know the name of his own country. He never thought about it till now, and no matter how hard he tried to think of a name, he was just blank. No matter how often he asked, he would never get an answer.

He also felt like his teachers and classmates were odd. He never realized this until now, but the way that they were acting and talking was very strange. They seemed kind of dull, robotic, not right. Stuff like that almost felt like it could be from a movie. And that scared him. He was scared and confused, he didn’t know what to do.


Kodym was lying on his bed reading, but he didn't really get any words or sentences through to his mind. He was SO focused on that stupid quote. It really stressed and scared him. He just wanted to relax a little. He decided to stop reading, and just draw a little doodle "Might as well," He said to himself.

He went to grab his sketchbook, but then suddenly


To Be continued…




Authors Note:

So.... Hello I'm Levi aka The Devil (My friends and I came up with weird nicknames for each other) And this is my first story on movellas. Sorry for my bad writing, cheesy ending and bad grammar. English is my third language. I'm sorry (;﹏;) 

So.. If you somehow actually like this story (don't know why you would I am SO freaking bad at writing) and you really want me to update. I will warn you now. I'm kinda, sort of really busy, and I don't always have "Inspiration" for writing, or time (and this story is really bad. I'm sorry for creating a monster)

BTW my "name" (it's not my real name. Sorry for being obvious) it is pronounced like L-eh-v-y

Well... Yeah so.. Let's hope that we will meet again. And farewell 


P.S please don't be anxious about leaving comments or critics, and please tell me if there is a typo (^ω^)

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