❦Love At It's Finest❦



2. My family

There are 3 boys and 3 girls. Let's start with my brothers, Brian Franagan Ruadh who is 10, Beathan Domhnull Ruadh who is 11, and me, Lachlann Arthur Ruadh, I am 13. My sisters are Marsaili Sìlis Ruadh who is 9, Ciorstan Ùna Ruadh who is also 9, and Anabla Caitir Ruadh who is 9 as well. Marsaili Ciorstan and Anabla are tripilets, and look exactly alike, it's kinda scary. The boys look nothing alike, and I am the most different in my family. I have the thickest Scottish accent in my family, but my sibilings still understand me. I am the only child in my family truly born in Scottland, my brothers and sisters were born in America. My parents were also born in Scottland, but they had lived in America long enough to lose most of their accents. I have short brown hair with light grey eyes. My sibilinga all have blonde hair and green eyes.

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