❦Love At It's Finest❦



1. How We Met

It was a cold December day in Scottland. My family had just arrived in Florida for winter vacation. We all had separate rooms, kinda. There are 6 children in my family including me. 3 boys and girls. I'm the oldest of the bunch. The boys all shared a room, my brothers in the bunkbed room and me in the master bedroom, and my sisters all shared a room, I'm not sure how they arranged their sleeping quarters. The kids rooms were right next to each other. My parents room was down the hall a lot. We unpacked once we got in our rooms, and got our swimsuits on. We walked down to the pool. I'm pretty sure no one understood me because of my accent, but my siblings all helped me out. I was playing in the pool with my brothers and sisters when a beautiful girl walked up to me and asked if she could play. I turned around, and I saw who turned out to be Anne.

"Sure." I answered in my heavy accent.

"Thanks." She replied. I was shocked that she understood me. We played football in the pool until my parents and hers told us we needed to get out and get ready for dinner. Anne got a towl and followed me. I then grabbed one with my phone. Anne seemed to be holding a gold iPhone 6s.

"Can I perhaps have your number?" I asked.

"Tha." She replied. I was confused as to how she understood Scottish. She gave me her number, and we parted ways. I quickly texted her Hey, it's Lachlann. And almost immediately got a text back. Hey Lachlann.

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