closets are for clothes ; larry stylinson

its been six years. six years that louis and harry have been closeted by modest!. six years. six years that louis and harry to hide who they were in order to be found 'appealing' by preteen girls. but now, things were different. the two had grown distant, all the hiding and secrets had taken its toll. harry wanted no part in it, while louis, wanting to maintain his social status, complied with management. but they were on hiatus, and management made up some lie about louis being a father and harry just couldn't take anymore. the two stopped talking. harry had began to move on. will the two ever reconcile? will they ever come out to the public? will they ever acknowledge who they are? FIND OUT IN :


1. prologue : 'long way down'

"this is ridiculous, lou! you know it is!" harry screams , his face red with anger. 

he glares into the shorter boy's eyes looking for something, anything, that would remind him of the 18 year old he fell in love with all those years ago. instead, louis' own sea green eyes stared back at him, no sort of remorse or anything in them. nothing. he was unrecognizable.

"harry, get a grip, will ya? modest says-" louis begins before being interrupted by the angry 22 year old.

"screw what simon says, louis! what about me.. what about us?" harry questions taking a step toward louis. he lifts his hand up, placing his large palm against louis' cheek, tears threatening to spill from his eyes. "what's more important to you?"

it killed louis to see him like that, but he knew that if he were to get his point across he had to remain firm when it came to harry.

"harry .. i .. i'm sorry but-"

harry shakes his head in disbelief and lets out an exasperated sigh. 'six years,' he thought. 'six years down the drain in one single moment.' he backs away from louis slowly and louis reaches out in an attempt to stop him.

"don't touch me!" harry yells, slinging his arm away from harry. "i don't even know who you are anymore.." he trails off.

"harry please. listen to the deal modest is willing to make! it will change everything! please.." louis' voice breaks at the end. 

louis takes a step toward the younger boy and harry takes a step back.

"screw you, louis tomlinson." harry rips the promise ring off of his finger and throws it at louis' chest before turning to walk toward the door. 

he stops in his tracks and turns around. louis feels his heartbeat quicken as he looks at harry with hope.

"screw you." he says softly, opening the door and heading out, slamming it behind him.


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