Even Though You're Gone

A story about the one who's left behind.


1. Even Though You're Gone

Even though you're gone,
I can see you.
See your smile with that slight gap in your teeth,
That you were a bit self conscience about.
See how your eyes would sparkle,
With mischief as stole the remote.
See the way you moved your hands,
When you talked passionately about something.
See the way you looked at me,
When you thought I wasn't paying attention.

Even though you're gone,
I can still hear you.
Hear the snort you had when you laughed,
That you couldn't quite control.
Hear the unashamed singing you did,
When you thought no one was around.
Hear the way you would say my name,
When I did something to make you angry.
Hear the way you said I love you in a whisper,
Like if you said it too loud it would disappea.r

Even though you're gone,
I can still smell you.
Smell the body washed you used in the shower,
The same one you had for years.
Smell the omelets you would make,
And how the smell would spread over the house.
Smell the fresh dirt on your hands,
From the garden you grew behind our home.
Smell the laundry detergent,
That you washed your clothes in.

Even though your gone,
I can still taste you.
Taste the peppermint you loved to eat,
Especially candy canes on Christmas.
Taste the sweet tea you sipped,
Every evening when the sun set.
Taste the kiss you gave me every morning,
Even when I had morning breath.
Taste the ice cream you shared with me,
When there was only enough left for one bowl.

Even though you're gone,
I can still feel you.
Feel the arm you would wrap around me,
When we were falling asleep in bed.
Feel your hand in mine,
When we walked next to each other in the forest.
Feel the fingers you would run through my hair,
When I laid my head in your lap.
Feel the pain that runs through to the deepest part of me,
Every time I remember that you're gone.

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