A Conversation

A conversation between two people.


1. A Conversation

He asked why for a face so young,
She had eyes so old.
She sadly smiles in his direction,
"Because on the inside I feel so cold."

He frowns in confusion,
He doesn't know what to say.
She nods her head like he did,
"You couldn't help me anyway."

He wonders if she's an angel,
Stranded on these harsh grounds.
She doesn't tell him about her scars,
Or that she wants to drown.

He asks if she's a ghost,
A soul lost in death's grasps.
She thinks to herself for a moment,
"I guess you could say that."

He asks her "What happened?"
How did she break?
She says "It was slow,"
"To make sure it would stay."

He frowns and says "That's not what I meant."
She quietly said "I know."
He asks again with a racing heart.
She answered "They simply tore out my soul."

Soon it's time for him to go,
He promises to come back again.
She replies "Everyone always promises that."
But she'll still remember him.

He protests with passion,
He looks back as he walks through the door.
She waits though she knows,
He will be the same as those before

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