Surfing in

Surfing is in and staying indoors is out
Riley and Tasha are planning to go in the Mayfair surfing competition but the tragedy happens to the girls


1. Cars and body

~Riley's POV:

Parent's names?  I see that question and I don't know what to put for it I mean I have parents somewhere out there but I don't know who they are because I'm in a group home and no one except Tasha knows I'm going in this competition and plus they will make me loss my focus so I'm not tell anyone so you bugger them I put Rebecca's name and phone number (Rebecca  is my older sister) then I fill out the rest and meet my best friend Tasha outside and we go to Starbucks to celebrate what one of us might win I'm excited because it is next weekend I hope nothing bad happens between then and now we walk home to her's and I say hello to her parents and so does Tasha then we go to her room

"I'm so excited,"

"Same here my favourite things beach sun surf and,"

"Boys!" We both say together and laugh then I get a text from my sister

Hey Ry

Hey Ree how's life?

Good you?

Amazing just applied for a competition

What competition?

Writing I had to lie otherwise she would want to come

Good luck then

Thanks sorry gtg

Bye love you xx

Love you too xx

"Who was that?"



"She wanted to know what I'm doing?"

"You still mad at her?"


"You can stay mad at her forever,"

"I know,"

"Sorry I have to go,"

"It's cool bye,'


We hug then I walk home and listen to music then it happened the worse possible thing




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