Tainted (H.S)

"Let me taint your soul baby......"


1. 1~

Aspen's POV

             My toes dig into the hot sand until they finally reach the cool parts. I pick up sand in my hand and open my palm to watch the wind slowly blow it away. I cast my gaze back to the large body of water i sit before, the moon shining perfectly upon it, waves gently crashing against the shore before slowly retreating back.

My brown eyes dance over the scene, never knowing when another peaceful night like this will come again. " Aspen! Come on in dear its getting cold" i take a sharp breath at my mother's voice. Its not that i don't love her anything, its just lately home has been hell for me. My parents constantly argue over petty things; sometimes it even leads to the point of my dad breaking things. Slowly i stand up and retreat from the beach up the house i hate to call home at the moment.

Once I'm inside the smell of pumpkin invades my nose. Scrunching my eye brows up, i walk into the kitchen to see my mother had baked some pies. " Special occasion?" i question waiting for her body to turn around and acknowledge my presences. " Your father is having some friends over to watch the game, they are bringing their son so please be nice" she says still not turning away from the stove.

With a huff i trudge up the stairs to my room to change. Not wanting to get too fancy i go with a casual attire, black jeans, grey sweater, and i put my black hair into a kind of cute messy bun. " Aspen dear!" with a deep breath i walk down the stairs to greet these people. I plaster a smile on my face right before i reach the last step. "Hello, Aspen" i shake their hands and out the corner of my eye i see my mother nodding with an approving smile.

" Well are you just cute! Im Anne, this is Rob, and this is my son Harry" i gulp hard when i meet piercing green eyes. "H-hello" his cherry red lips smirk at my stutter, " hello love" its like if Niagara Falls is in my pants right now. My mom leads us the living room where my father was already screaming at the TV. I take this time to look over to the Harry boy. Both his arms were filled with tattoos stopping right before his nails. As i shift to look at his face my cheeks redden as i realize he's been staring at me.

He sends me a wink causing me to mentally go into a frenzy. If he keeps doing that its going to be a long uncomfortable night for me thanks to my hormones. 


A/N HOLY SHIT ITS BEEN A MINUTE GUYS!!!!!! LMAOOOOO Hopefully I'll be back, its always been fun to write on here when ever i was bored, kind of missed it! 

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