We open on a parade with two sisters to meet...One of the sisters die...Who was it...Who dunn it. dun dun dun!!!!!!!!!


2. Parade

                     Police Officer says " I have some information regarding Hayley your sister If I am correct?"

                     " Yes Hayley is my sister. Is there something wrong Officer?" I said

                     Police Officer says " I'd rather discuss in private instead of the phone. If that's okay?"

                     " Of course it would be okay. Just you are making me worried!!!!" I responded

                    Police Officer says " Excellent!! We shall meet in front of the Chicago airport!!!!!"

                    " Wait what!!!!!! I am leading a parade in 5 min!!!!!!." I say worried.

                    Police Officer says " See you there!!!! Bye!!!!!"

                    " Wait!!!!!!!"  I said *phone call ends* Great. What am I going to do? I guess I better talk to Chief. He well be furious of the news but, I hope he understands.

                    " Chief..... I have to tell you something. Something big." I say really anxious.

                    Chief replies " Just tell me...  Rip it off like a band-aid."

                    " Okay but you are not going to like this. So I got called from a police officer who told me he has information of Hayley and he'd rather talk in private. So I say that's okay. He than says that we should meet in front of the Chicago airport. As in today. As in right now. So he hung up without giving me the chance to explain that I am leading a parade as in now. As in today and, now he's waiting for me I have to go because he has information about Hayley."

                  Chief replies " Okay you can go but, on one condition bring me pizza Chicago style!!!!!"

                  " Thank you!!!!! Thank you!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!" I said.

  This whole day has been filled with many surprises. I mean I am on my way to Chicago!!!!!!! What if he is talking about the wrong Hayley. You would be surprised how many times that has happened. I mean Hayley almost got held back a grade because another Hayley was failing her classes miserably!!!! She had straight F's. Have you heard of the song DDDDDDF Well in this case the song goes FFFFFFF.  At the zoo their was a competition for an IPad and Hayley won but, when they announced the winner their was over 50 Hayley's. So they had to call the last name out and only one Hayley won. It was hilarious!!!!!! O I just got to Chicago!!!!!!! Let's get to the airport. It's so fancy. I can just live here. The police officer is standing in the corner with a sign that say's Hayley's sister!!!!! Typical he spelled Hayley wrong!!!!! Okay I'm am going to walk up to him and talk about Hayley but before I do I wonder why isn't anyone else at the airport!! Okay let us do this.

                 " Hey is it you I was talking on the phone with?" All of a sudden It's pitch black.




Thanks for reading. This came out earlier than expected. What happen to her? Why is it pitch black? Find out in the next Chapter




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