We open on a parade with two sisters to meet...One of the sisters die...Who was it...Who dunn it. dun dun dun!!!!!!!!!


1. Parade

                      *phone rings*

        Come on!!!!!!!!!! Answer the phone!!!! Answer the phone!!!!!!!!

       Finally she answered!!!!!!! "Hey sister. Hayley!!!!!! Are you coming... It's a really big deal!!!! I can't imagine it without you!!!!!"

                   Hayley responded angrily "of course I wouldn't miss it for the world!!!!!"

                   "Thank God but, why do you sound mad?" I said worried

                     Hayley responded angrily " No it's just that Fido bit me!!!!!!!!. O and I'm on my period."

                     "o for a second I thought that you didn't want to come cause you were mad with me."

              Hayley responded mad " why would I be mad at you!?"

              "Remember come tomorrow by 3 Pm!!!!!" I said.

               Hayley said "okay I am about to board the plane to Chicago."

             "okay I love you."    *phone call end* Darn she hung up. O well I'm going to sleep. Alarm goes off. It's 5 Am I am going to prepared my speech so that I can nail the parade opening ceremony.  

                    It's almost time for the parade. Hayley isn't here. What am I going to do. She promised to come. What's going to happen.............. Silence!!!!!!!!!!! I am just going to talk to the Chief see what he has to see. See what he can do.

            "Hey Chief!!!!!!Chief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!." I said

             He turned around he said " what's going on star."

             " My sister Hayley she isn't here yet!!!!!! She said she be here. Last location I remember of her is when she boarded on the plane to Chicago. She was suppose to be here.She rented a car to drive home to me. Where could she be. I can't do the parade without her.!!!!!!!! I just can't.!!!!!!!!" I said.

             Chief responded " calm down!!!! Calm down!!!!! I'll go to the airport and check the cameras."

 "okay thank you."

 *phone rings* 

            "hello." I said

             Police officer says " I have some information regarding.....

Who is the officer talking about..... Will they find Hayley.. I'll post the next chapter friday







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