I don't care what anybody says, I'll only listen to you

Before you read this you should just know that this story is a girl X girl story. you have been warned.

Amanda is an 8th grader and it's about to be summer holiday, and the 8th graders is going to sing a summer-song to say goodbye to school. Then she meet's a shy girl named Felicia and helps her with singing, later on Amanda get's thought's of Felicia. She has fallen for Felicia, she begins to kiss Felicia sometimes and she doesn't mind until......


8. She’s at MY place

“Hey Felicia, my parents wondered if you wanted to come by my place and like hang out and eat dinner?” I said “S-sure” She said ‘I wonder if everything is okay’ I thought. I walked home because I haven’t been doing that since forever, when I came home I did my homework and was on my computer for a good one and a half hour “Hey, I’m home!” I heard from the door “Hey mom!” I said loud back “What are we going to make?” I asked as I packed my computer away “We are going to make lasagna, I hope Felicia likes that” My mom said “Yeah, I think she does” I said “Well then that’s settled” My mom said and walked in the kitchen, I helped with all the things and before I knew it the clock was like half past six and we sat the lasagne in the oven. I placed the plates to five people, fork, knife and glass. I waited a little and then the doorbell rang, it was Felicia “Oh hey Felicia, come on in” I said “O-okay” She said “Hello Felicia, it’s nice to finally meet you. I’ve heard a lot about you from Amanda” “W-well thank you for having me here this evening” Felicia said “The dining room is right this way” My mom said and lead her the way “Is Felicia always this shy?” My mom asked me “I don’t know, maybe only with people she just meet” I said, we sat down and talked while we waited for the lasagna to be finished *Drr drr* “Hello, oh hello dear. The dinner is almost done, when are coming home? We are all here including Felicia Amanda's friend. What? Oh...Well okay, shall we wait for you?.....Okay, well see you then. Yeah, bye” “What’s up?” “Well your father can’t make it, there’s too much traffic. So he’s going to be a little late, but he told me that we could just begin to eat, that we shouldn’t wait for him” My mom said “Well I’m going to go and get your brother, can you get some drinks?” My mom asked “Sure” I said, when she was gone I asked “So, what do you wanna drink?” “Just water” Felicia said without making eye contact “Okay” I walked into the kitchen and got some icy cold water and took it in the dining room “Is everything alright?” I asked “Y-yeah” She said, I didn’t believe that. My mom came down with my brother that looked rather tired “What’s up with you?” I asked him “Well I had to take the night shift four times in a row, because I’m covering for a guy who’s sick. And I don’t get enough sleep. So yeah” He said “Oh, you're wasted” “Yeah” We sat down and began to eat, there was a bit of small talk with Felicia, but whenever I talked or asked her something she didn’t want to make eye contact I don’t know why. When we were done my mom said “Hey Felicia why don’t you and Amanda go up to her room and hang out a little till we’re finished here?” “Oh, yeah that’s a great idea mom. Come on Felicia” I said and began to run up the stairs “Oh..uhm..y-yeah sure” Felicia said. When we came to my room I showed her everything, I had like some photos of Alex and Lou hanging up and then I said “Hey, I need some pictures of you too. I can’t let one of my friends feel left out” “Y-yeah, sure…” I looked at her a little, she wouldn’t make eye contact with me whatsoever “Hey, something is wrong. Why won’t you tell me? I’m your friend, you can tell me everything” I said, I sat down on my bed and she sat down beside me. “What’s wrong?” I asked again “D-do you remember Monday?” She asked, I froze ‘Oh shit, it was the day I kissed her’ I thought “Y-yeah?” I said slowly “W-well you caught me by surprise, I didn’t know friends did that. And I don’t know how I feel about it…” ‘Heh, Felicia you are so cute when you are stupid’ I thought ‘That’s another thing I like about you’ “W-well it’s not something friends do, like that” I said, I didn’t know how to get out of this mess. It was all because of a stupid little kiss that I wasn’t even aware of that I did. “Then why did you do it?” She asked ‘....Fuck….’ I thought “W-well because I….I like you…..” I said “I’m sorry, what was that?” She asked “.....W-well how do you feel about it?” I asked trying to change the subject a little from me “I-I don’t know…..I’ve never experienced something like that before, so I don’t know how to react…”

She said “W-well...What do you feel when you think about it?” I asked, I could feel my neck hairs began to raise and I began to sweat a little, I was in some deep shit. “W-well, I’m not sure….some of me thought it was weird…. ‘Oh great, now I need to keep my feelings for her away’ ….But some of me felt like it was good...Or….something...I don’t know…” ‘OH! Light point’ I thought “H-How do you feel about it?” She asked “W-well, if you’re okay with it...th-then I am too” I said, Then she blushed slightly “...D-don’t play with my emotions” She said while holding a hand for her mouth “I’m not” I said “I’m dead serious” I said “....” There was quiet for a bit before…..I leant in, took her hand away from her face and kissed her again, she didn’t push me away….‘There’s no way that she doesn’t like this, if she doesn’t pull away’ I thought “Amanda! Felicia! There is desert now!” I heard my mom yell, I pulled away and yelled back “Coming!...Come, Felicia” “....Huh?” Was the only thing Felicia said, she had a flushed face and was still blushing a little.

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