I don't care what anybody says, I'll only listen to you

Before you read this you should just know that this story is a girl X girl story. you have been warned.

Amanda is an 8th grader and it's about to be summer holiday, and the 8th graders is going to sing a summer-song to say goodbye to school. Then she meet's a shy girl named Felicia and helps her with singing, later on Amanda get's thought's of Felicia. She has fallen for Felicia, she begins to kiss Felicia sometimes and she doesn't mind until......


6. It’s an awkward friendship now…

It was monday and I was meeting up with Felicia at the school door “Good morning Amanda” Felicia said with a smile “H-Hey” I stumbled “What’s wrong?” She asked “N-nothing, let’s get to class before the bell ring” I said “Sure” I knew I couldn’t keep a cool head for the rest of... how long this was gonna last, when ever she was around I felt weird….I don’t know I just….URGH! When it was lunch she sat next to me and began to eat a sandwich “Is it one you have made yourself?” I manage to ask “Oh yeah, wanna taste?” She asked “Uhm...S-sure” I said, I took a bite and...it tasted so good. “What do you think?” She asked “Pretty good, do you cook often yourself?” I asked “Yeah, my parents comes home pretty late so I cook most of my meals” She said. When we had lunch we had music “Alright everybody get up in line” Our music teacher said, we all got in a line and we stood and sang from the papers. The teacher cut us off and said “Alright, I think you guys need an example of what i’m going after. Amanda you are head singer in that band of yours can you demonstrate what it kinda is supposed to sound like?” “S-sure” I said, I was getting ready to sing. And then I sang it the best I could “Okay thank you, it was not the best but it was better than before. You voice sounded a little dry, go outside and take some water” “O-okay” I said, I walked out the door and took some water from a tap. When I was on my way back I saw Felicia walk in my direction ‘Oh no, not Felicia. Not Felicia of all people’ I thought “Hey! Amanda!” Felicia called loudly ‘Oh shit’ I ran away and out a door out to the part of the playground where most of the students don’t go, because it’s so old and stuff. I ran into one of the mini playground houses and waited till 3:20 PM because at that time we don’t have class and are free to go, and because I don’t know anybody who will stay till this late at school. I walked back and began to go up the stairs up to our classroom ‘surely Felicia isn’t here, I don’t think she would stay here till this late’ I thought, but oh was I wrong. She was standing there with her bag ready to go and just waited, then she looked my way “Oh hey, where were you I was worried sick” She said “Oh hey, I just needed to….do something” I said, I was panicking “Okay, what was so important that it needed to be done in the middle of music class?” She asked curious with an innocent face “Well, you know….uuh…” I was running out of things to say, “Well uuuh…..uuh...OKAY-SEE-YA’.TOMORROW-BYE!” I said in a loud sentence, I grabbed my bag as fast as lightning and ran out the door, down the stairs and down the hall and outside. “HEY WAIT! WHAT’S WRONG!” I heard Felicia shout “IS...IS IT SOMETHING I’VE DONE?!” She shouted after, I looked back at her as I was running away and shouted back “NO IT’S NOT YOU, IT’S ME! I’M WEIRD!” “BUT I DON’T THINK YOU ARE WEIRD, I THINK YOUR…*Dunk!* It said and it all became a little black for me “Oh my gosh! Are you okay?!” Felicia came up to me and helped me “...yeah i’m...fine…” I stuttered  “You say you are weird?” She began “I don’t think you are weird, or else I wouldn’t have been your friend” She said with a smile ‘That. That’s what I’ve fallen for her about, her kindness,her smile,her friendliness...everything’ I thought “But why have you avoided me the whole day?” She asked “W-well….I…..eeh...uhm..th-the thing is…..I-I THINK I’VE FALLEN IN LOVE WITH YOU!!” I said with a little bit of tears in my eyes, she just froze, it was heard to say it. It was afternoon and we were moved from the ground to the bench that we had practised on so many times. “I….I hope it doesn’t disturb you too much…” I said with a cracking voice “No no it doesn’t” She said with a little smile while she looked up at the sky, we sat in silence a little longer “Well I think I’m gonna go home…..” I said “Okay…” She said, I grabbed my bag and began to walk. I looked back at her, she still looked at the sky. I collected a little bravery and walked up to her and grabbed her one of her cheeks gently….and kissed her.

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