I don't care what anybody says, I'll only listen to you

Before you read this you should just know that this story is a girl X girl story. you have been warned.

Amanda is an 8th grader and it's about to be summer holiday, and the 8th graders is going to sing a summer-song to say goodbye to school. Then she meet's a shy girl named Felicia and helps her with singing, later on Amanda get's thought's of Felicia. She has fallen for Felicia, she begins to kiss Felicia sometimes and she doesn't mind until......


3. Have we become friends?

Me, Lou and Alex were walking to music class, the bell had just rang. We stood up at a wall and waited for the teacher, when Felicia came up to me and said “Hey uhm...thanks for helping me with the first part of the song, you worked really hard.” “You're welcome, it was fun working with you” I said, when Felicia had walked away Alex said “You seem to get along with the shy girl, are you becoming friends or something?” “I don’t know, maybe” I said ‘Is it because he doesn't want us to be friends or something?’ I thought, when the teacher came we sat down and began to sing the little piece me and Felicia had been practicing. When we were done singing that part the teacher said “Okay, I can hear most of you have been practicing that part. But now we need to sing the next part, you can follow me the first time and then try a little for yourself” We sang that part and Felicia seemt to not have a problem with the part we were singing. When we were done singing we were dismissed, and when I was unlocking my bike Felicia came over to me and said “Hey Amanda?” “Yeah?” I said “I don’t know if you want to but...do you wanna like meet after school and maybe practice?” She asked “Are you having trouble with the text?” I asked “Oh no no, it’s nothing like that I just... I just thought that it might be fun and stuff...to like practice together. But it’s okay if you don’t want to” She said “Oh no no, I would love to” “Really?” “Yeah, let’s meet tomorrow after school” “On the same bench?” She asked “You got it” “Okay, then see you tomorrow” She said as she were waving goodbye. When i came home I packed out my stuff and did my homework, I had a little math and english for homework. It was only when I was done with my homework that I noticed my brother, he was sleeping on the couch he had probably been sleeping like half of the day away. But He had been up all night, because he had a late night shift at his job yesterday. I don’t really know what his job is, but I don’t really care that much either. “Oi, idiot brother! have you been sleeping the whole day away or what?” I waked him with “Mmnh? Wha..? Oh my god, is it my little idiot sister?” He asked half awake “Yes it is, and you little idiot sister tells you to do something other than sleeping like get to work or do some of your own homework” I said with a certain voice “Mmnnhnnnooo I don’t want to, can’t mom just do it?” “Are you asking if mom could do your homework?” “Mmnnhyyeah…” “Well you really got bad luck cause she ain’t home yet” “MMmmnnhhhkay….zzzzzz…” And then he kinda doze off again, I just kinda stood there and looked at him before… “GET UP NOW!” I yelled, he kinda jumped a little “Yeah yeah i’m up i’m up! jeez” He said “aaw shit!” He said suddenly “What now?” I said a little irritated “I totally forgot to tell you that mom and dad aren’t home before dinner” He said “Well then...I’m making dinner today and you get homework done. Sounds good?” I asked “Sure” I walked into the kitchen and took a look at the refretchiator and then at a cooking book, so I had a view over what was possible to make of what we had. “Did you do your homework?” I heard from the living room “Can’t hear you!” I yelled “Did you do your homework?” My brother asked “Yeah, or else I wouldn't be making dinner right now” I said “K” Was the only thing he said before he walked into the living room again, I was making pasta with meatballs for dinner. When I was done we sat down and ate, “Okay i’m going to take a bath now” “K” He said, I walked up the stairs took a towel and locked the door to the bathroom. I opened for the tap and waited for the tub to be filled, I took off my cloths and “Jumped” in. As I was laying in the hot water I thought ‘Man, it sure has been a week…..And I got to be friends with the shy girl….Felicia….That’s actually a pretty name, mine’s just normal but Felicia...you don’t hear that name often….I wonder if we already are friends or if we can become it, I would like that, I think’s she’s a nice person…..We practiced together, we were out and had a drink together and she said she had a lot of fun with me...Doesn't that make us friends?....I’m going to ask her tomorrow’

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