The Vampire Diaries and Divergent

A story where Damon, Stefan and Elena, characters from the CW show 'Ths Vampire Diaries', get hopelessly lost and find themselves stranded in Candor Headquarters. They are forced to take the truth serum and a lot is let out. This takes place in season 3 of 'The Vampire Diaries' and it focuses on mainly Delena, sorry Stelena fans! :)


2. Where are we


"What?" Damon says in dibelief. "Come on, brother. We're not lost." I sigh. Why does he always have to act like he knows everything. "Really?" I say, "Because last time I checked, we're in the middle of a random forest, with no way to tell where we are, so tell me, Damon, how are we not lost?" Damon stands in a proud position, but I see a flicker of doubt cross his light blue eyes. "Because I know where we are." I laugh, he thinks he knows it all. "Well then, Damon, where are we?" His stance falters. "Well, we're . . ." Elena stands and walks up to Damom stepping between us. She turns to face my brother, her back towards me. "Damon, admit that you're wrong and we can work out a way to get out of here." I step beside Elena, and watch the conversation progress. Half of Damon's face curls into a grin, before he sticks out his bottom lip and gives Elena puppy dog eyes. "Oh no, we're lost." He says mockingly. Their faces are inches apart, and even I can feel the tension. Damon's eyes flicker from Elena's deep brown, eyes, to her soft, lush lips. Elena seems to be mesmerized on his lips, and I want to scream. What did I miss when I was with Klaus? It's a question I ask myself a lot, because since I've been back, there seems to be something going on between my brother and Elena, I furrow my brows. The slight motion seems to snap Elena out of it and she shifts her eyes to mine, before stepping away from Damon and putting her hands to her head. Damon bites his bottom lips and begins to walk away. Elena follows. I stand still for a few seconds, remembering what I heard earlier. Damon and Elena were talking about something. I remember Elena soothing voice quietly saying, "He deserves to know." And Damon responding with, "Then tell him." I don't know who they were talking about, but I have a feeling it has something to do with them acting weird. I ignore my nagging thoughts and walk after Elena and Damon.  

*  *  *

Soon we reach an open plain, of what seems like an abandoned field. We trek a cross it, the sun scorching our backs, when we reach the other side, we are panting and sweating, and my legs itch from the tall grass scraping against it. I was so busy thinking about how uncomfortable I am, I didn't realize that about one hundred feet in front of us was a huge fence. And when I say huge, I mean huge. I tilt my head back to see the top. And looking both ways I don't see an entry, unless. "Hey," I say to the others, who seem to be doing the same thing I was. I walk in between them and point to my left. "What's that?" At the end of my finger is a gate looking structure, maybe two, three hundred feet away, it looks as though, from here, there are a couple people standing outside, dressed in all black. We start walking, and by the time we reach the gate, the people, who we now realize each handle their own gun, have their weapons pointed at us. From the corner of my eye I see Damon raising his lip to reveal his fangs, and his eyes go bloodshot, accompanied by throbbing veins under his eyes. I'm about to tell Damon to back off when Elena takes the words right out of my mouth, "Damon," she says surely, "Don't." For a second I stand, still as a rock, but thankfully Damon listens to Elena, and he's face returns to its nutraul form. Luckily the people didn't seem to notice, so they shove us into the gate, their cool, metal, guns against our backs the whole time. I wonder if they know about vampires, and if their bullets are wooden, or have vervain in them. I ignore the though and let them guide us the a truck, where we are forced inside. The truck is filled with more of the people, dressed similarly with the same guns. "Who are you people?" Damon spits at one of the men. He ignores him, looking straight forward. Damon clenches his jaw, I can tell he's frustrated. After a few minutes, the dirt road we have been driving on turns into a paved road, although just as bumpy. I look out a window and am amazed to see what is outside. A huge city surrounds us, but it looks like it has been through hell. Buildings are destroyed or decaying. There are collapsed and caved in housed around every corner, and almost no people. The few we do see look homeless and ragged, like they have been living on the streets their whole life, maybe they have. Elena and Damon are doing the same thing as me, observing our surroundings. A couple minutes later we pull up to a hguge white building, one of which I have never seen. It has a huge symbol of a scale, that is black and white, on the centre of the buildings exterior. Damon speaks what is running through my mind as we look in amazement. "Where the hell are we?"



Hey, this is my second chapter, I hope you like it. Sorry if it seems rushed, it kinda is. Also if you have any questions or suggestions for me please write them in the comments and I will reply on my next chapter. There will be a lot more Delena in the future and please keep reading because it will get better. Thanks for reading! :)



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