The Vampire Diaries and Divergent

A story where Damon, Stefan and Elena, characters from the CW show 'Ths Vampire Diaries', get hopelessly lost and find themselves stranded in Candor Headquarters. They are forced to take the truth serum and a lot is let out. This takes place in season 3 of 'The Vampire Diaries' and it focuses on mainly Delena, sorry Stelena fans! :)


3. No more lies


We sit in a room, on hard plastic chairs. None of us have any idea what is going on so we stay quiet. Neither of us have said a word since they put us in here about a half an hour ago. Finally, Damon speaks up, being his usually, sarcastic self. "Wow, not the best welcome guests." I remember when they tried to enter the building, they couldn't get in, and the people guarding us were furious. Once we explained that they needed to be invited, a tall man had been summoned to invite them in. He seemed very suspicious of the two, but said nothing of it. A little while later, they tried to take their rings and Damon almost lost it, before he compelled them to let them keep it. I swear these people are crazy. And when they took our phones they looked at them like some sort of magical machine. It was weird. "Just be quiet, Damon." Stefan says, "Oh, is my brother back to his usual grumpy self? Better watch your back, because I might just have to get some hero hair of my own and save the day." Stefan turns his chair to face him, his jaw clenched tightly. "Guys," I start, but they are already standing, and pacing around each other. "Hey! Stefan!" I say, getting worried. "Stay out of it, Elena." Stefan replies, without looking back. "Damon," I saw slowly. His eyes shift to mine, and he straightens himself, and sits back down. Wow, I think. Damon just responded better to me than Stefan. This is all too weird. Once they've seemed to calm down, Damon looks over at me, his baby blue eyes scanning up and down my face. Stefan doesn't seem to notice when I look back at him, squinting. He has no fear in his eyes, although I'm sure the word is written across my forehead. I'm terrified. Damon and Stefan are practically immortal, but I'm just human. And I could be killed like that. As I'm staring into Damon's eyes, I realize how hot he really is. A strong jawline, beautiful eyes and his lips, th e ones that kissed me on my porch, after he compelled Jeremy. The ones I kissed when he was dying. The ones I can't help but stare at. No, I shouldn't be thinking like this. I shake the thoughts from my head and turn away from Damon. This isn't right. It's not okay, especially for Stefan. I sigh deeply and stare at the wall in front of me. A few minutes later, someone enters, dressed in black and white, but they don't have a gun. He nods his head at us, so we stand and approach him. Once we reach him he is walking away. "Hey," Damon says to the man. "Hey!" The man turns and faces us. "Come on." He says, nodding us forward. "Not until you give me some answers. "What do you want to know?" He asks. We catch up to him and Damon quickly says, "Well first off, what is this dump?" The man looks shocked. "Dump?!" He says angrily. Then he seems to calm himself. "This," he gestures around himself with his arms, "is Candor headquarters." Damon looks around, clearly unimpressed. "Well that's all good and great. Now where are we?" The man laughs like Damon said something stupid, and I see Damon's top lip curl up. For some reason it amuses me to think about how this guy would act around the brothers if he knew what they really were, and what they could do to him. Suddenly Damon steps in front of the man, who stops abruptly, and looks into his eyes. "Stop messing around, if I ask you something I expect you to answer it, with no attitude, got it" I watch as his pupils dialate and the man goes still, nodding his head. Damon smirks. "Good. Now tell me," "Carson." "Right, Carson." Damon pats the mans shoulder. "Where are you taking us?" We begin walking again, this time at a slower pace, and Carson begins to speak, in an almost robotic fashion. "I am taking you to the Room of Truth." Damon squints at the man, and I do the same, confused. "Room of Truth?" Damon asks in a snarky tone, "Why are you taking us to some weird, creepily religious room or something?" Carson doesn't respond to the nastiness that Damon is throwing at him and does what he's told, well obviously, he's been compelled. "The Room of Truth is where you will take the truth serum." Stefan furrows his brows and crosses his arms, clearly just as puzzled as us. "Truth serum?" Damon's voice is less commanding, more . . . afraid. However, unsurprisingly, Carson ignores that and speaks like he is reciting it out of a dictionary, "The truth serum is a chemically enhanced drug, forcing the user to speak only the truth." My step falters, and we all halt. "Drug?" Stefan asks, he looks to me and says, "We need to get out of here." I nod, swallowing. "Hold on," Damon starts, hushing us with a finger. He turns back to Carson. "Carson, why are we being given this drug?" Carson looks at him, straight in the eyes and says, "I don't know, I'm just following orders." Damon glances at  e and Stefan, I can tell he's getting a bit nervous. "Orders? Orders from who?" We stop beside a door,  ur just when Carson opens his mouth to speak, the door swings open and a man motions us inside. We walk in warily, and are met by a crowd of people, men, woman, and children, dressed in black and white, sitting on seats around a stage, with a singular wooden chair upon it. The man who took us inside is behind us and motions us up to the edge of the stage, where we climb on, and silence falls in the room, while people eye us from their seats. The man walks to one side of the chair, and motions his hand towards Stefan, who walks over. The man opens a small box and inside is a huge needle. It is filled with a grayish substance, the truth serum. The man flicks the needle once in the side, before injecting the four inch needle into Stefans arm, he winces but seems more shocked then hurt. The man leads Stefan to the chair and sits him down, before she returning to his side of the stage. I speak up. "What did you do to him?" I ask the man, Stefan, who is now sweating like a pig, gives me a look that says, 'be careful,' but I ignore it. The man smiles broadly, and says. "I gave him the truth serum. He will now tell the truth  and only the truth." I look at him, frowning, and he says, "No more lies."




Hi! Thanks for reading this chapter, which is chapter three. Sorry that it took so long to post, I've been really busy lately, but I finally finished it! Please like this and favourite it and follow me, and comment anything you would like me to add. Major delena happening in either chapter four or five, So be prepared. Again thank you so much for reading, I can't believe I got over 200 reads! I'm super excited and I'll be posting chapter four soon, hopefully.




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