Diner Girl

Harley Elizabeth Jones is a girl with insomnia. Ashton Irwin is a drummer of a famous band. What happens when he crosses paths one night with Diner Girl?


4. Chapter 3

I stared at the door. Not only moments ago Ashton went to find an adventure. Why didn't I go with him? Stupid logic. I am 18 years old; these are the years that I'm supposed to be living and having the time of my life. Instead I decide to stay here. He was such a cool guy, why am I so stupid. I sat in my seat regretting my decision when Becky slid into the spot Ashton once was placed. "I think you should go." 

"I know I wish I had said yes"

"Why didn't you?" 

"I don't know." I sigh running a hand through my hair.

"There you have no excuse as to why you didn't join him Harley."

"I don't need an excuse."

"Really, there has to be a reason as to why you didn't go"

"Becky he is a complete stranger what if he kidnapped me!"

"If he was a complete stranger then why did you talk to him in the first place."

"He was the one to start the conversation" My hands were being thrown everywhere as I tried to make a point.

"Yet you continued it," Becky starts smiling somewhat enthusiastically at me, "There has to be a reason as to why you talked to him."

"That's the thing, it was just so easy to talk to him."

"You to looked like you had some sort of connection."

"I guess."

"there is your reason to join him." she claps her hands to together sliding out of the booth.

"I don't know" I groaned. I rubbed my face with my hands. Why was this still bugging me?

"Exactly, you should go."

"But it is too late, he's gone."

"Well, you could still make it. I bound he's gone far." she gestures to the door with her hand. Becky stares into my soul with her bright eyes, trying to pressure me into going or at least trying to find him. I nod slowly reassuring myself that this will be good for me. I need to do this, plus looking back at our conversation he seemed over all like a lot of fun. It couldn't hurt to go could it? No, no it won't.  If I don't go I could regret it for the rest of my life. Let's do this thing.

I throw everything I had into my bag and took off out the door. As it shuts behind me, a gust of wind passes over my body. It sends a shiver down my spin. I slip on my flannel that was once tied around my waist. I start to walk till I get to the cross walk. I look around wondering if he went back to his hotel or not. The hotel he was staying at was across the street. I could see a few figures out side the front but I still couldn't tell if he was there or not.  I hope he is, might as well see. I quickly run across the street since there was no cars and stand in the parking lot of the really nice hotel. I walk towards the hotel, the key chains on my bag bouncing back and forth. 

The automatic doors of the hotel slide open. I walk in only to bump into a figure. I lift my head up to apologize and see the one and only Ashton  Irwin holding his phone in his hand. Must have not been paying attention. "Hey" I smile brightly up at him.

"Hey, and sorry about that I was just trying to find somewhere cool to go." I looked into his eyes to see them twinkle with curiosity and wonder. This boy is a complete child, but in a good way.

"Well I changed my mind, I would love to join in on your adventure."

"Cool, now you can pick the destination, where should we go?"

"I don't know"

"That doesn't help" his giggle fills the air. "Ok how about we go wherever we feel like going?"

I smile and nod. This should be fun. The two of us walk out of the building.

"So what made you change your mind?"

"Um maybe the fact that I'm 18 and need a life" I laugh, his high pitched giggle fills the air once again.

"Don't put yourself down you probably have a bunch of friends."

"No not really"

"Well now you have one" he grins at me. We continue our journey, not really sure where we were headed. In the horizon I could see the bright lights of down town.  Downtown has a bunch of old antique shops, restaurants, clothing stores, anything you could imagine. I take ahold of Ashton's hand and drag him in that direction. I know where we are going tonight. 

"Have you decided?" I hear from behind me. I turn my head to look over at him, "Yes, yes I have"

"So where would that be?"

"It wouldn't be an adventure if I told you now would it"

"That doesn't make any sense." I don't acknowledge his last statement I just drag him behind me. 

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