Vampire Diaries meets Divergent

When Damon, Stefan and Elena, from the CW show 'The Vampire Diaries', end up getting hopelessly lost together end up finding themselves stranded in Candor headquarters, where they are given the truth serum, and tested in from of eachother and a crowd of Candor. This takes place in season 3 of 'The Vampire Diaries', focusing mainly on Delena, sorry Stelena fans.


1. Lost


I stand at the edge of the lush, green forest, winding Elena's necklace between my fingertips. The metal chain is cool on my skin, and when the wind blows directly at me, I shiver at its touch. "I think it's this way," My brother says. I hear footsteps behind me. At first I think it's Stefan, but the footsteps are light and nimble. I hide the necklace in the pocket of my smooth leather jacket, and turn to face Elena. "Hi," I say, looking down at her. She's close to me. I look at her lips, remembering the kiss we had shared, a couple weeks ago on her porch. It's not like I could forget. I lean in slightly, but I know I shouldn't. I can see Elena's eyes go wide as she stares from my lips to my eyes and back again. "You can't,' she barely whispers the words, but I hear them loud and clear. "It's not right." I sigh deeply, looking into her beautiful chestnut eyes. "It's right." I say, "it's just not right now." I lean away from her and she breathes a sigh of relief. It is silent for a minute. "Awkward." I say. Elena laughs and puts a hand to her head. I smile widely. Her laugh is just so cute. I lean back against a tree. "So I'm guessing you haven't told Stefan about that night on the porch." She looks at me and shifts awkwardly from side to side. "Considering he hasn't tried to break my neck yet." I say. "He deserves to know." She replies, like her fair self. I look at her and squint with one eye. I know it drives her nuts. "Then tell him." I say, staring into her soft brown eyes. We both stare for a while, she seems lost at words. "Hey," I look up and all the tension between Elena and I snaps. I was so preoccupied I didn't even notice Stefan coming up behind us. "Brother," I say in greeting. Meanwhile Elena is standing beside Stefan, avoiding my eyes. "We should probably," Stefan smiles that signature "I'm-pissed-at-you-but-I'm-going-to-pretend-I'm-not" smile and nods his head somewhere behind me. I purse my lips and frown before turning away and beginning to walk. I hear Elena come after me, followed by Stefan. After about an hour of walking, Elena stops and sits on a fallen tree. "C'mon, we've got to keep moving." I say, but Stefan sits as well. "Oh," I say. "I guess it's time to stop and have a picnic. Let's go." But they ignore me. "Fine." I lean back against a tree trunk and sigh. Stefan and Elena talk quietly for a minute, and frankly I just don't feel like listening. A few minutes later Stefan stands and walks over to me. "Y'know," I start. "At this rate we'll never get out of this stupid forest." Stefan sighs deeply. "What?" I saw angrily, I'm getting frustrated with all this sighing. "We're lost, Damon." Stefan says. "We have no idea where we are."



This was my first chapter of any story I've ever posted, tell me if you want more and comment what you thought. Sorry if it wasn't long enough but I'll probably post another one soon. Thanks for reading :)

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