Traveling Abroad: Return to Paradise

Seoul, South Korea is the place Amber and Emily have deemed paradise. The two visited last year and had the time of their lives. They were able to explore a new city outside of the United States, made friends, and got boyfriends. Not to mention they were able to hang out with Amber's awesome cousin Nari, who also snagged a boyfriend. Now, as their boyfriends are rising in fame thanks to being in the group BTS, how will their relationships hold? Will this summer in paradise be even better than the last?


4. Unpacking

*~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~*

          “I am so happy to be back in this room,” I smile, flopping onto a beanbag. “I missed it so much.”

          “It is nice to be back.” Emily climbs up into her bunk. “Just as I left it. Gosh, I wish we could just live here.”

          “Next year,” I stand up and begin unloading my backpack. “Too bad our boyfriends had to go back to their dorms.”

          “There is no way we would be able to unpack if they were here,” Emily chuckles, climbing back out of her bunk. “I bet you would want more kisses,” she opens her suitcase.

          “I do,” I try not to think back to my first kiss, failing in seconds. “It was, so nice,” my cheeks are slowly heating up. “I love him, and it was a great way to start this trip.”

          “No doubt. If only Namjoon was a little more open to things like that. Yet, I like how slow the pace is. He wants to make sure I am comfortable with everything. Super comfortable. Not rushing a single thing.”

          “I can’t wait to see Yoongi tomorrow,” I shake the kiss from my mind. “Skyping with him, the few times I did, was great. He is so thoughtful. I think we are a lot closer now.”

          “Best friend of the group?”

          I shrug, “It would be fine by me.”

          “Are we just going to hang with all of them in the dorm living room?”

          “I guess so,” I crawl over to my suitcase, opening it up. “Taehyung didn’t tell me a lot. Just that we would be going over there, and the address.”

          “Well, I am up for a surprise.”

          “I just want to go with them to the studio. We only went one time last year.”

          “Doesn’t Taehyung have something special planned for you the first time we are able to go?”

          “Something like that,” I giggle. “I don’t know if special is the word, though. Regardless, I want to know what he has in store for me.”

          “I bet it will be so cute. He’s one for overly cute things. Oh, and he’s such a good listener. I bet he is going to fulfill a want of yours. He’ll fulfill all your wants eventually.”

          “I have told him so much, so I can’t narrow it down to any one thing I want to do with him.”

          “But, you do want to do a lot with him, yes?”

          “Of course, I want all the firsts with him. Right now, he’s my first boyfriend, date, and kiss.”

          “Next is like, make-out session, yes?” Emily chuckles.

          “Shut up,” I stick my tongue out at her for a few seconds.

          “You forgot first love, though.”

          I awkwardly giggle, “Oh, yeah. I guess I just can’t wrap my head around that I’m in love.” It’s a feeling I’ll never get used to. I enjoy it, though.”

          “I would hope so. It’s so nice to see him look at you with so much love. He’s fallen even more since last year.”

          “Namjoon looks at you with a great fondness, if that makes you feel any better. He is just so focused on the group, and wants to do well. Now, with you in his life, he has to figure out how to balance everything. He’s gone through a lot too.”

          “I know. It’s fine, really. I’m still trying to figure everything out myself. The slow pace might be annoying at times, but I think in the long run, I will appreciate it.”

          “So, girls,” Nari, a big smile on her face, steps into our room. “How excited are you to be eating Korean food?”

          “Is dinner ready?” I ask, standing up. “Unpacking makes me hungry.”

          “And it’s boring,” Emily chuckles, following me in standing up. “Thanks for agreeing to put up with us for another summer.”

          “You two are too sweet and nice to say no to,” Nari leans up against the doorframe. “Plus, you set me up with Seokjin, and this still can’t repay you for that.”

          “So, your relationship is good?” I tenderly smile.

          “It is great,” Nari giggles. “I can’t believe it at times. We cook together as dates, and he is overly sweet when we can’t hang out. Wanting to do so much to make up for it. He’s busy at times, but we work with it.”

          “I am so happy for you two,” Emily smiles. “We debated setting you two up for so long.”

          “Good decision you made in the end,” Nari nods. “Enough about me, though, what about you girls. The ride here was filled with singing.”

          “If you want to know about my relationship, then I would say it is about to get better since I’m back here,” Emily answers. “Life has been crazy, but I can’t wait to get this party started.”

          “I agree to the crazy life,” I bend down to grab my glasses case out of the pile of stuff. “Taehyung and I are good, despite the distance.”

          “She’s in love,” Emily steps over her suitcase to get to the door. “And they kissed today.”

          “Thanks,” I put my glasses on, placing the case on my desk. “Here are my glasses, too.”

          “Too cute,” Nari pushes off the doorframe. “Taehyung will love them on you. I just know it.”

          “Little shit better,” I grumble. “He begged to see them.”

          “Someone has a potty mouth,” Nari giggles.

          “Both of us do, actually,” Emily says. “It’s a habit TV has given us.”

          “It makes me feel better,” I shrug, making my way over to the two girls. “Is dinner ready?”

          “Oh, yes, yes, it is,” Nari laughs. “I forget why I came to get you two.”

          “Let’s go eat then,” I smile.

          Nari leads the way to the kitchen where everything has already been dished out.

          “Smells so damn good,” I sit down in the seat I claimed my own all those my months ago. “Nari, you are the best.”

          Nari and Emily take their seats, smiles on both of their faces.

          “It is always a pleasure to cook for you too,” Nari takes a sip of her tea. “So, what summer school work do you two have this year?”

          “Not much,” Emily takes a bite of some food on her plate. “One book and some speeches. Should only take us a rainy day. Well, like, half a day.”

          “We started on the flight over,” I add in. “Unlike last year. Also, we graduate next year. Honors and everything.”

          “Wait, really?” Nari shockingly looks between Emily and myself. “Did you do that before or after coming over here? Like, know you would graduate early?”

          “I wanted to graduate at least a semester early,” I answer, taking a big bite of so many different foods on my plate.

          “After last summer, though, we made sure we could graduate a whole year early,” Emily takes over so I can chew. “Then we plan on doing something drastic.”

          “How drastic?” Nari slowly takes a bite of her food.

          “Depends,” I look at my cousin. “How drastic is moving over here next year?”

          Nari almost spits up her tea. “Your parents would never let you come live with me.”

          “I think we could get them to let us,” Emily says.

          “Do they even know you want to move?”

          “Not yet,” I grimace for a split second. “We’ve been waiting for the right time.”

          “Do they even know you have boyfriends?”

          “Um,” I bite my bottom lip. “I think we briefly mentioned it, but I don’t know if they remember.”

          “When they call me to check up on you, I’m telling,” Nari leans back and looks at Emily, and then me. “You can tell them about wanting to move here.”

          “What if they don’t approve?” I tense up.

          “That’s Amber’s fear right now,” Emily says.

          “I’ll get them to approve if they don’t,” Nari sits back up. “I promise you, so don’t worry about it. I know what Taehyung means to you.”

          “I trust you,” I sigh.

          “Enough of this for now,” Nari smiles. “Let’s finish eating and then we can deal with that.”


​Nari is the definition of an amazing cousin. She's one of my favorite, not really main character, but bigger than a side character, that I have ever developed. Hope you enjoyed! :D

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