Traveling Abroad: Return to Paradise

Seoul, South Korea is the place Amber and Emily have deemed paradise. The two visited last year and had the time of their lives. They were able to explore a new city outside of the United States, made friends, and got boyfriends. Not to mention they were able to hang out with Amber's awesome cousin Nari, who also snagged a boyfriend. Now, as their boyfriends are rising in fame thanks to being in the group BTS, how will their relationships hold? Will this summer in paradise be even better than the last?


17. Secrets

*~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~*

          Two more days I must stay home before my energy is back and the cramps are but a too recent memory.

          Over those two days all the boys visited to cheer me up. Hoseok and Jungkook came with Taehyung and Namjoon the day. They brought way too many sweets for me. Then, Jimin and Yoongi came on the second day bringing silly videos to make me laugh. Jin was there every day helping Nari with cooking.

          Honestly, it just made me feel so loved that all seven of the boys came over to try and make me feel better. Their ways didn’t help that much, but it’s the thought that counts.

          “Nice to be back at the studio,” I smile as the elevator doors open.

          “Just happy you are feeling better,” Emily says.

          The both of us exit the elevator and make the familiar walk to the practice room.

          “I want all the hugs,” I sigh, placing a hand on the door handle. “Hope these boys are ready for July.” I open the door and we enter.

          The seven boys are all over the room doing various kinds of stretching.

          “Morning boys,” I shove my hands into my sweatshirt pouch, walking over to Taehyung.

          Emily closes the door before making her way over to Namjoon. “Miss us?”

          “Amber,” Mr. Son says from the other side of the room. “Are you feeling better?”

          “Ah, so the boys told everyone I was ill,” I dive into Korean. “I am feeling much better. My energy is back, and I am in no pain.”

          “Jagiya, sit,” Taehyung pats the floor next to him.

          “That is good to hear,” Mr. Son smiles.

          I carefully lower myself to the floor, “Anything special planned for today?”

          Taehyung turns his face to look at me, “Just practicing our dances.”

          “Why the make-up then?” I poke his nose.

          He smiles, “Just in case.”

          “You guys wear it all the time for just in case it seems,” I tease.

          “It’s not all the time,” Taehyung taps my nose. “Sometimes we are bare when here.”

          “Don’t we look good?” Jimin enters the conversation.

          “Always,” I glance over at the red head. “You just like getting make-up put on, don’t you?”

          “Noona’s like to practice for when it’s for TV,” Taehyung pouts. “Tomorrow, no make-up on our date.”

          “You don’t wear make-up, do you Amber?” Jimin asks.

          “I do,” I laugh. “Doesn’t look like it, but I do.”


          “Lipstick, blush, and sometimes I use mascara,” I smile. “My face is beautiful with or without make-up, so I don’t do too much.”

          “Natural beauty,” Taehyung connects our lips in a less than innocent kiss.

          “Ah, Tae loves his girlfriend,” Hoseok teases.

          I push Taehyung away, breaking the kiss. “He really does.”

          “Best thing about Amber, go!” Jungkook shouts.

          “Ah,” Taehyung is no short of shocked. “Her, um, laugh. It is so cute. And her smile.”

          I rest my head on Taehyung’s shoulder, “Aish, silly boys.”

          “I like Amber’s poetry,” Yoongi speaks up. “Tae, have you read any of her poems.”

          “Yoongi,” I whine. “He can’t read them.”

          “Why not?” Taehyung puts her arm around my waist.

          “They’re about you,” Yoongi shrugs. “Let him read your cute thoughts.”

          “I didn’t bring my notebook, so he can’t,” I scrunch up my face in fake anger as I look at Yoongi.

          “Are you trying to look threatening?”


          “You just look super cute,” Yoongi softly chuckles.

          “Hmph,” I frown. “Watch out, blond boy.”

          “I’m not scared.”

          “You shouldn’t be,” Emily giggles. “She’s all bark, no bite.”

          “Please, share all my secrets,” I sarcastically say.

          “Oh, don’t tease me, I will.”

          “Now I want to know,” Seokjin laughs. “Just one secret.”

          “I’ll kill you, Emily,” I glare at my best friend.

          “All bark, no bite,” Namjoon grabs Emily’s hands.

          “In that case,” Emily smirks. “Amber is terrified of storms.”

          I relax, “Oh, that’s not bad.”

          “I’ll protect you from all the storms, jagiya,” Taehyung kisses the top of my head.

          “That is actually really cute,” Yoongi sends a wink my way.

          “Say another secret!” Hoseok exclaims.

          “A cute one, so Amber is even cuter to us,” Jungkook smiles.

          “Hm, another cute secret,” Emily bites her bottom lip.

          “I will expose you, Em,” I stare down my friend. “I have secrets for you too.”

          “Bring it on,” Emily taunts.

          “Battle of secrets,” Jimin cutely laughs.

          “Hm, let’s see,” I tap my temple. “Ah, Emily is afraid of moths. For no reason.”

          “They’re ugly,” Emily shrugs. “That all you got?”

          “She also puts ketchup on her mac and cheese like some gross person,” I smirk.

          “Ew!” Hoseok cringes.

          “It can’t be that bad,” Seokjin shrugs.

          “It’s good,” Emily sits up, no longer leaning against Namjoon. “Amber here, if you really get her laughing, snorts.”

          “Looks like we have to get real funny,” Jungkook chuckles.

          “That’s cute,” Yoongi grins. “All laughs are unique and special.”

          “Well, when Emily laughs hard enough, she just stops making noise,” I firmly nod. “She looks like she’s choking on something.”

          “Low blow,” Emily chuckles.

          “I bet you still look cute, baby,” Namjoon grabs Emily’s hand.

          “These girl’s look cute doing almost anything,” Jimin says.

          “Okay,” Emily takes in a breath. “Amber has a night light app on her phone that she uses because she is afraid of the dark.”

          “Hey!” I push off Taehyung, fully aware this is going downhill fast. Yet, I have no intention to stop it.

          “I can protect you, jagiya,” Taehyung places a hand on my knee.

          “Fine. Emily told my sister she was getting her wisdom teeth pulled in a few days because I told her mum’s the word, and she thought that meant the secret was already out. My sister cried, passed out, and cried more.”

          “I said I was sorry!” Emily defends. “And I bought her gifts.”

          “She almost ran away!” I sigh. “In the end, she was a champ, but still, you broke her.”

          “You get way too involved when watching the Cubs. I know you want them to win, but damn girl, you go crazy.”

          “You do the same with reality TV shows. It’s all scripted, and no one lives their lives like they do. It’s all so pointless.”

          “You can’t sleep without your beloved teddy bear,” Emily looks shocked once the words have left her mouth.

          “Whoa,” Jimin looks frantically between Emily and myself for a few seconds.

          “Nothing wrong with that,” Yoongi says.

          “Emily has to have an old blanket nearby or else she can’t sleep,” I raise my eyebrows at my best friend.

          “Still nothing wrong with that,” Namjoon slowly nods.

          “Amber has such a dirty mind,” Emily blurts out. “Anything could be a sex joke, or whatever, to her.”

          “Uncalled for!” I can’t help but jump up so I’m standing.

          “That might be good for you, Tae,” Jungkook chuckles.

          “Someone isn’t as innocent as she seems,” Hoseok teases.

          “Emily almost refused my offer of coming over here because South Korea isn’t a cool place for summer vacation,” I clench my hands into fists. “Why not Paris or whatever? She tagged along because she’s my best friend and couldn’t let me go to a new country all alone. I have too many problems, and I need to be watched.”

          “No, no,” Emily bursts to a standing position. “I came because I love you, and a whole summer apart would be hell.”

          “Sure,” I roll my eyes. “I know my mom talked to you. I know she brought up my mental health.”

          “You want to marry Taehyung!” She angrily shouts.

          I tense, taking a second to control myself. “You’re in love with Namjoon but won’t tell him because you’re afraid he doesn’t feel the same. He clearly does though. He’s so sweet to you!”

          The room goes silent; no one knows the right thing to say.

          “Marry me,” Taehyung happily sighs. “Ah, my heart.”

          “Emily, you love me?” Namjoon asks.

          Emily and I soften in seconds. The realization of our words sinking in.

          “What did we just do?” I place my hands on my head.

          “I don’t know, but I feel weird about it all,” Emily sighs, letting her head fall.

          “I’m sorry,” I rush over and embrace the girl. “I went too far.”

          “No, I’m sorry,” she wraps her arms around me. “I started it and should have ended it.”

          We break the hug and look into each other’s eyes, “Thanks, though.”

          We can’t help but burst into giggles.

          “What just happened?” Jungkook is overly confused.

          “Best friends knowing those secrets are nothing and won’t ruin our friendship,” I smile, going to sit back down by Taehyung.

          “So, marry me,” Taehyung smirks.

          “We will talk later about that,” I pat his cheek.

          “I do love you, Emily,” Namjoon pulls Emily back down on the floor next to him. “Realized it when telling our managers about you girls. I didn’t tell you because I was afraid it was too soon.”

          “We were both scared for no reason,” Emily smiles.

          “Now kiss!” Jimin, Jungkook, and I shout as one.

          Namjoon shakes his head, but gives Emily a kiss. “Today has started off a little too crazy for me.”


Ah, coming up with these secrets was so much fun. Hope you enjoyed reading! :D

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