Traveling Abroad: Return to Paradise

Seoul, South Korea is the place Amber and Emily have deemed paradise. The two visited last year and had the time of their lives. They were able to explore a new city outside of the United States, made friends, and got boyfriends. Not to mention they were able to hang out with Amber's awesome cousin Nari, who also snagged a boyfriend. Now, as their boyfriends are rising in fame thanks to being in the group BTS, how will their relationships hold? Will this summer in paradise be even better than the last?


3. Reunion

*~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~*

          “Nari must have a lot of faith in us to let us get our luggage on our own,” I smile as the conveyor belt starts up.

          “It’s just good to be back in Seoul,” Emily giggles. “Wow, I never would have imagined saying that. Here we are though, so happy to be in a foreign country.”

          “I’m going to live here,” I spot our suitcases, pointing them out to Emily. “Next year, maybe. It will be a bold step, but right now, it’s all I want.”

          The two of us grab our one suitcase before beginning to work our way through the throng of people.

          “Well, you will have a whole year to think it over,” Emily links arms with me.

          I glance over at her, confusion written on my face.

          “So, we don’t get separated,” she tenderly smiles.

          “Fine by me then,” I look around for a sign to point us in the direction of the exit. “Can you believe we will be able to graduate as juniors?”

          “It is pretty awesome. I can’t wait to tell the boys, since that means we can see them for longer periods of time. Or, as you want to do, move here.”

          “Nari would love to have us, until we decide what we will do with our lives.”

          “Online college is a choice,” Emily pulls us in the direction that must lead to the exit.

          “Eh, I think I would want to take a gap year to figure everything out. College will be put on a back burner.”

          “That might be the best thing to do, if we end up settling down over here. A year to gather our thoughts after a giant move would make the most sense.”

          “I bet we could find some place to work over here,” I bite my lip for a few seconds. “Either together or not. We spend a lot of time with one another already. Working at the same place might be too much.”

          “You’re probably right. No need to decide right this second, though.”

          “This airport is so damn big, when are we going to reach the exit?”

          “The people are thinning out,” Emily releases my arm. “We should be getting close.”

          “I’m getting hungry,” I pout. “Maybe Nari will take us out to eat.”

          “Do you really want to?”

          “Uh, not really,” I chuckle. “A homecooked meal sounds better.”

          The two of us stop talking to catch up on our breaths; shocked at just how out of breath we are. The hum of conversations that I can actually understand swim around me. This trip is already turning out to be better than last year.

          “Do those signs have our names on them?” Emily drags me out of my thoughts. Her finger pointing at two signs, that indeed have our names on them.

          I, however, am more interested in the two boys holding the signs.

          “Watch my luggage,” I slip my backpack off.

          The two of us are now off to the side, out of the way of people on missions.

          “Go get him, girl,” Emily pats my shoulder. “Namjoon will help me with your stuff.”

          I’m off and running in seconds, barely hearing the last of Emily’s statement. All I want is to be in Taehyung’s arms. It has been a few days too many away from him.

          “Jagiya,” Taehyung has a loving smile on his face, arms open for me.

          “Tae,” I mumble, tears pooling in my eyes.

          I am able to slow down just slightly before jumping into Taehyung’s arms. He barely stumbles, wrapping his arms around my middle to hold me close.

          “I’ve missed you,” I choke out, nuzzling my face into his shoulder.

          “I missed you,” Taehyung’s deep voice in my ear quickens my heart rate. He wiggles me a bit, lucky my feet are off the ground.

          “Too good for me,” I sniffle.

          “Huh?” He sets me down, taking his time to break the hug. “Jagi, why are you sad?” He wipes tears off my cheeks. “Be happy,” he smiles the box smile I fell for.

          I giggle, “I’m sorry. So, sorry. Ah, I missed you. I can’t believe I am with you right now.”

          “It is, nice,” he brushes hair out of my face.

          “Aren’t you mad at me though?”

          “What? No,” he pouts.

          “Oh, Tae,” I hug him again, nuzzling my face into his chest. “I don’t deserve you.”

          He wraps his arms around me again, “Don’t say that.”

          “I hope you can accept this,” I maneuver my head so I can look up at the boy who took my heart. “Tae, salanghae,” I barely smile.

          “I love you,” his accent, combined with how slow he says those three words, and his deep voice, has me loving him even more.

          “Even though I took so long to tell you?”

          “Does not change how I feel,” his hand comes up to cup my face.

          My face heats up at the gesture, and I feel safe in this moment.

          His long fingers are light on my skin, and his silky brown eyes are staring into my hazel ones. “You are cute. Red face, I love how I do it to you.” A teasing grin is on his lips now.

          “Oh, blushing,” I nervously giggle. “I can do it to you.”

          “Mmhhm,” he chuckles.

          “I’ve missed that laugh,” I happily sigh.

          “Laugh for me,” he quickly tickles my sides.

          “Taehyung,” I squeal in laughter.

          “My jagiya is so cute,” he proudly smiles. “I love you,” he coos.

          “Salanghae,” I lean in, our faces inches apart.

          His tongue runs over his lips, and his eyes dart down to look at my lips. “Can I?”

          This has been one hell of a reunion so far, and to get my first kiss right now would make it all the better.

          “Yes,” I breath out.

          Taehyung closes the gap between us, gently connecting our lips. His lips are so soft, and I hope mine our too.

          I don’t remember closing my eyes, but they flutter open when Taehyung pulls away.

          “We will do that a lot,” he pecks my nose. “Your face is very red.”

          I sigh, “That was my first kiss, and I am so happy right now. Taehyung, you are the best boyfriend,” I smile.

          “Okay, enough of that, love birds,” Namjoon’s voice throws me back into reality.

          I turn around to face Namjoon and Emily. “It’s nice to see you, too, Namjoon,” I nod, seeing his hand holding Emily’s. “Thanks for getting my luggage.

          “No problem,” Namjoon shrugs. “You clearly had your mind set on Tae here.”

          Taehyung’s arms wrap around me, pulling me into his chest. “We are in love.”

          “Anyone could see that,” Emily smirks.

          “May face is going to be red forever,” I groan.

          “Cute, jagi,” Taehyung kisses my cheek.

          “I said enough of that,” Namjoon tries to be serious, but can’t help chuckling.

          “Let them be, Joonie,” Emily giggles. “Amber has been awaiting this for so long. She realized that she loves him, and has been needing to tell him.”

          “I did,” I wiggle out of Taehyung’s grip. “Now, I just want to get home and rest,” I yawn.

          “You slept so much on the plane, silly,” Emily giggles.

          “Tired?” Taehyung kisses the top of my head.

          “Just a tad,” I grab my boyfriend’s hand, intertwining our fingers.

          “Little hands,” Taehyung brings my hand up to his face.

          “Yes,” I tug our hands back down. “So, silly, Tae. I do have small hands. Can we please get going?”

          “Take your backpack, please,” Namjoon holds out my backpack.

          “Got it,” Taehyung grabs it with his free hand and slings it over his shoulder.

          “Is Nari outside with her car?” I ask as we start walking towards the exit.

          “She is,” Namjoon answers. “Hope she isn’t worried about us taking so long.”

          “Yeah, sorry about that,” I lean into Taehyung.

          “So, what have you guys been up to?” Emily speaks up.

          “Well, we just finished filming a music video for the song Dope,” Namjoon answers.

          “Have you listened to it?” Taehyung squeezes my hand for a split second.

          “We have,” I smile. “Emily and I are up to date with your music, thanks to my birthday presents last year. Plus, I bought the newest album.”

          “It’s in her backpack,” Emily adds.

          “Now that you’re here, you can watch us practice,” Namjoon says. “We cleared it with everyone already, so no worries.”

          “Hang out at the dorm, too,” Taehyung nods. “Like tomorrow.”

          “Oh good,” I giggle. “I’ve missed the other boys as well.”

          “They’ll be surprised by our Korean skills,” Emily smiles. “I can’t wait.”

          “So, what have you girls been up to?” Namjoon asks.

          “School, odd jobs, missing all seven of you,” I shrug. “Nothing crazy. Only crazy thing was doing paperwork to come over here.”

          “And Amber has glasses now that she thinks are embarrassing but makes her look super cute,” Emily blurts out.

          “Em,” I glare at my best friend. “Not cool.”

          “Why do you need glasses?” Namjoon asks.

          “To see far away,” I sigh, relaxing my face. “Eh, it’s more to enhance words in the distance, because I see everything else fine.”

          “She made sure to take them off before getting off the plane because she doesn’t want Tae to see them yet,” Emily shakes her head.

          “They just make me look even more like a geek.” I pout.

          “No sad,” Taehyung gently pinches my cheek.

          “I’m not,” I smile to convince Taehyung.

          “Wear your glasses tomorrow,” Namjoon says. “No need to even think about being embarrassed around us.”

          “Oh, fine. As long as I get kisses,” I look up at Taehyung.

          Taehyung chuckles, “I can do that.”

          “I’m so happy for you two,” Emily giggle. “You are so cute.”

          “Don’t encourage them,” Namjoon says. “They can’t be too lovey.”

          The four of us finally exit the airport, and Nari waves us over to us. She has a giant smile on her face, and doesn’t seem to have changed a bit.


​A long chapter because it needed to be! I was feeling so lovey when I wrote this. It's cute, in my opinion. Hope you liked it! Maybe leave a comment about what you thought. Next chapter will be posted on Saturday. :D

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