Traveling Abroad: Return to Paradise

Seoul, South Korea is the place Amber and Emily have deemed paradise. The two visited last year and had the time of their lives. They were able to explore a new city outside of the United States, made friends, and got boyfriends. Not to mention they were able to hang out with Amber's awesome cousin Nari, who also snagged a boyfriend. Now, as their boyfriends are rising in fame thanks to being in the group BTS, how will their relationships hold? Will this summer in paradise be even better than the last?


2. Plane Travels

*~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~*

          “How are we going to celebrate my birthday?” I smile, taking a bite of my sandwich.

          “That’s a good question,” Emily takes a sip of her Sprite. “We could go out to eat, and have cake at the apartment. Open presents, and hang out.”

          “That sounds like a nice way to spend a birthday.”

          “Can’t let you out of my sight, since you could have the sexy times with Taehyungie,” she teases.

          “I will kill you,” I give her a shove. “People can hear you.”

          Emily rolls her eyes. “They don’t care, and probably aren’t paying attention. It’s nothing to get worked up over.”

          “You know I wouldn’t do that,” I pout, shoving chips into my mouth.

          “I know, I was teasing you.”

          I let out a breath, “Sorry. I know that, I’m just tired and want to land already.”

          “Don’t worry about it. We are halfway through the flight.”

          “Tae is going to be shocked with my glasses,” I go back to my sandwich.

          “You don’t wear them when you Skype?”

          “No, they are so dorky and embarrassing.”

          “They are cute and make you look sophisticated. He’ll love them, as does everyone else you know.”

          “Confidence back up,” I giggle.

          “The boys have grown up a lot in the past nine months, too. They are looking so good, it is unreal. I bet they are so fit.”

          “Tae has a bit of a belly roll, but I can see he has abs forming. It is the cutest, I love it. He says his grandma likes him chubby, so he just keeps eating.”

          “He is too cute for his own good.”

          “I love him because of his silly and outgoing manner. Ugh, I need to be with him again.”

          “I know. It has been too long. I have missed Namjoon way more than I thought I would.”

          “I just want my first damn kiss. Almost seventeen and no one has ever kissed me.”

          “That should go on our list of things to accomplish during this trip.”

          “I will put it on there. Hanging out with the whole group at their dorm. Just being able to talk to everyone without Namjoon’s help will be so nice.”

          “I’ve been dying to interact with them like it should be. No translator needed, but, Namjoon will probably still need to help us.”

          “Yeah, we aren’t perfect yet.”

          “I love that the boys dye their hair crazy colors. I don’t think they have much choice, but certain colors look so good on them.”

          “The piercings, ah, it is too much. Korea knows how to make good looking groups.”

          “I wonder how Nari and Jin are doing,” Emily grabs my trash, and, along with hers, hands it to the flight attendant. “When we left, they had just gone on a date.”

          “Lucky bastards get to see each other whenever they feel like it.”

          “They must be doing good then, yes? Or, don’t you know?”

          “Oh yeah, they are doing good, last time I asked Nari. The boys say that when they are together, it’s overly cute.”

          “Like, I have to leave the room because it is too cute?”

          “I think so, but that makes my heart swell for them. I’m so glad we set Nari up with Jin. He seems great for Nari. They both work so hard, and need someone to relax with.”

          “I agree. Nari probably still can’t believe her boyfriend is in a famous group. I still can’t believe it.”

          “Thanks to Tae making sure I was okay when at the park. That boy has such a big heart,” I smile.

          “Jungkook is starting to look, hm, manly. I guess that’s the word.”

          “I know what you mean. It will be nice to talk to him now, as he is very close to our age.”

          “Man, I wish I could drop out of school and join a music group,” Emily giggles.

          “I do wonder how that all works. I don’t think Jungkook dropped out of school. I bet they had to work super hard to get into the group, and give some things up. Jungkook hasn’t, or didn’t graduate, though.”

          “No doubt. It has to be a long process of tests, and to end up in a group is a huge honor.”

          “Then you have to get along with your other members. That has to be stressful. Bangtan are so lucky to have hit it off right away.”

          “Ah, Big Hit, the men who created BTS,” Emily sighs. “It’s a good thing they did that.”

          “Do you think they know about us? Ya know, whoever decides things for the boys. Big Hit is just the big name, ha,” I chuckle. “Anyways, there must be main men who must control some portion of their lives.”

          “I would believe it,” Emily takes in a sharp breath. “Are you going to say what I think?”

          “What if they don’t approve of us?”

          “Making sure the boys are happy has to be on their list, and we make two of the group quite happy.”

          “That could be all and well. Still, we aren’t Korean, and look so, um, western. It wouldn’t be good for their image.”

          “Screw their image. You are in love, and maybe me too. It is their life, and they will date whoever they choose. That, right now, happens to be two girls from America that don’t look anything like Korean locals. Everyone is just going to have to deal with it.”

          “I guess,” I pout.

          Emily turns me face to look at her and we lock eyes. “Nothing like that is going to tear our boyfriends from us. You understand?”

          “I understand,” I am a bit shocked at how serious she is now. “I just want to see them so bad. It is making me go crazy. Think of bad scenarios.”

          “You need a nap to calm down. Clear your mind.”

          “I do,” I look away from her and settle into my seat. “That should help.”

          “I think I will take a nap as well.”

          “Then who is going to make sure we don’t miss the landing?”

          She giggles, “You don’t worry about it. I will make sure to wake you up.”


​Okay, next chapter will probably be uploaded on Wednesday, because I need to focus on school at least a few days. Anyways, I hope you liked! :D This story makes me quite happy.

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