Traveling Abroad: Return to Paradise

Seoul, South Korea is the place Amber and Emily have deemed paradise. The two visited last year and had the time of their lives. They were able to explore a new city outside of the United States, made friends, and got boyfriends. Not to mention they were able to hang out with Amber's awesome cousin Nari, who also snagged a boyfriend. Now, as their boyfriends are rising in fame thanks to being in the group BTS, how will their relationships hold? Will this summer in paradise be even better than the last?


6. Loving Environment

*~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~*

          “We made it back!” Namjoon shouts as we enter the dorm. His Korean sounding so smooth.

          I smile, slipping my shoes off. “I understood that.” My Korean slips off the tongue easier than I thought.

          “That was cute and sexy at the same time,” Taehyung gives me a quick kiss. “I got so lucky.”

          “I can’t wait to reunite,” Emily smiles.

          As I look around the front room, I understand how nice the place is. Dorms make me think of college, small and stuffy. This dorm, however, seems big and open. The boys said it has seven bedrooms, three bathrooms, a living room, and a kitchen.

          “Ah, the girls are back,” Yoongi steps into the front room.

          “Yoongi, the person I wanted to see,” I can’t get the smile to fall off my face.

          “Your Korean is even better in person,” he barely smiles.

          “I worked hard to get it to this level.”

          “Oh, fuck this,” Yoongi grabs my wrist, pulling me into a tight hug.

          “Emily, come on,” Namjoon grabs his girlfriend’s hand, and the two make their way out of the room.

          “Yoongi,” I mutter.

          “I missed you,” Yoongi gives me a squeeze. “Tae talked about you so much, and I ended up missing you. It, hurt. How can we be so close? It’s only been a year.”

          “I missed you,” I take a deep breath, nuzzling my head into the middle of his chest. “The amount of time you know a person doesn’t equal the level friendship. I’m dating dork over there, and it’s been less than a year.”

          “Hey,” Taehyung whines.

          “You are a best friend of mine, Yoongi. No doubt. I promise, I will spend a lot of time with you. Oh, and I love the blond hair.”

          Yoongi chuckles, “Thank you, little one.” He releases his grip on me, letting me take a step away from him. “Ah, it has been hard, but you are here now.”

          “I am,” I nod. “No need to worry anymore.”

          “We should go see everyone else,” Yoongi pats my head. “Thank you, for staying behind to talk with me.”

          “You’re welcome. To the living room then?”

          Taehyung wraps his arm around my waist, “Yoongi-hyung, my girlfriend is now your best friend. She’s so cute.”

          “She is,” Yoongi smiles. “You are very lucky, Tae,” he slaps the younger boy’s arm. “Take good care of her.”

          “I will,” Taehyung kisses my cheek. “You’ll make sure that if I don’t, that I will regret it.”

          Yoongi shrugs, “Just do as I say and you won’t have to worry about it.”

          “Like a best friend and brother, Yoongi,” I giggle. “Can we do see the others, please?”

          Yoongi leads the way to the living room where everyone else is talking and joking around.

          “Hey, they made it,” Hoseok laughs.

          “Ah, I am so happy,” I bounce in excitement.

          “Like a puppy,” Seokjin chuckles.

          “Who do I hug first?” I frantically look around at everyone. “Jimin!” I spot the boy on the floor, rushing over to him. I plop down next to the now red haired boy, wrapping my arms around him. “Nice to see you.”

          “Nice to see you, Amber,” Jimin laughs, wrapping his arms around me. “Wait, something is different about you. When did you begin to speak Korean so well?”

          I giggle, pulling away from the boy, “I perfected it while I was away from all of you. Now, when did you get so attractive with red hair?”

          “Jagiya,” Taehyung whines.

          “I still love you, Tae,” I glance back at the boy now lounging on the couch.

          “Do I really look good?” Jimin asks.

          “You do,” I ruffle Jimin’s hair. “I mean, all of you boys are very handsome.”

          “Hug me next,” Jungkook, also on the floor, holds his arms out for me. “We can talk now, and I can understand you.”

          I smile, crawling over to the maknae. “Your hair is very black, and it really suits you.”

          “Thank you,” he pulls me into a hug. “Blue is pretty on you.”

          I giggle, “That’s very sweet of you.”

          “Don’t hog her, Kookie,” Seokjin laughs. “I’m dating her cousin, so she has it so I unintentionally started to miss her.”

          “Jin,” I wiggle out of Jungkook’s grasp and stand up.

          Seokjin is sitting in a recliner, his hair as black as Jungkook’s.

          “Making Nari happy, such a sweet man,” I lean down and am pulled into a tight squeeze.

          “She makes me happy,” Seokjin says. “At times, I feel so guilty that I’m not doing enough. She’s so good to me, and for me.”

          I push myself away from Seokjin, holding myself away with hands on his shoulders. “Nari thinks the same, and I tell her not to worry. You both work so hard. Doing what you can is more than enough.”

          “I needed that. Thank you,” Seokjin ruffles my hair.

          “Hey,” I stand up and fix my hair. “I take time to make my hair look that nice.”

          He chuckles, “You still look very nice.”

          “I see you saved the best for last,” Hoseok laughs.

          “Oh, shush up,” I grin, plopping down next to Hoseok on the couch.

          Hoseok pulls me into a hug, “I didn’t have to dye my hair to look hotter.”

          “So, cocky,” Namjoon pulls Emily into his side. The two are settled into the middle of the couch.

          “You’re always like that, aren’t you?” I maneuver out of Hoseok’s grasp to look at his face.

          “It’s hard being so awesome,” he shrugs, a smirk on his lips.

          “Oh,” I give him a shove. “I like the sass, though.”

          Taehyung motions for me to make my way over to him. “Okay jagi, I think you’ve had enough with the other boys.”

          “Aw, Tae might be a little jealous,” Emily speaks up.

          “No need to be,” I stand up and make my way to the opposite side of the couch. “He’s the only Korean boy I love.” I take my seat by my boyfriend’s side.

          Taehyung grabs my waist and places me on his lap. “You are the only girl I will ever love,” he wraps his arms around my middle.

          “You are so sweet, Tae,” I lean back into his chest.

          “So, are you girls excited for your second summer here?” Jungkook asks.

          “Beyond excited,” Emily answers. “We want to spend as much time with all of you. Nine months is a long time to be away, and then we aren’t together for that long. We will make the most of our time together.”

          “You get to come with us to the studio, so that will be fun for everyone,” Yoongi says.

          “Dates with your boyfriends are probably what you are looking forward to the most,” Seokjin smiles. “Am I, right?”

          “Spot on,” I slide off Taehyung’s lap so I can look at his face. “Speaking of our relationships and all. I have been worrying about something.”

          “Amber, I thought we had it all figured out,” Emily sighs.

          “I have to ask.”

          “Ask what?” Namjoon looks between Emily and me.

          “I have this fear that the people who make big decisions for you won’t like Emily and me because of who we are,” I bite my lip and look down at my lap. “Do they know about us? I know they know about Nari and Jin, and let them be as public as they want.”

          “It happens when you’re famous,” Seokjin speaks up. “We never meant to let it go public so soon.”

          “I’m so happy for you two,” I smile for a few seconds. “So, can anyone answer my question?”

          “They know that you are our friends,” Namjoon says. “We have yet to tell them that it is more now. It’s been quite busy for us.”

          “Will they approve?” I choke out.

          “I don’t care what they think,” Taehyung gently tilts my head up with a long finger under my chin. “I want to be with you, so I am going to be with you. I love you very much, and no one will ever take you away from me.” His eyes boring into mine calm be down.

          “I want to be open and not hide.” I curse the tears that fall down my cheeks. “My parents don’t know yet, and their approval scares me. Your guy’s approval is so much bigger.”

          Taehyung wipes my tears away with his thumb. “It’s going to be okay. You are worrying too much. Please, for me, just focus on loving me.”

          “We will make sure the relationships aren’t torn apart,” Jimin speaks up. “The seven of us are like brothers, and we will help one another out. Really, Amber, there is no need to worry.”

          “Yeah, Tae is so happy now,” Hoseok comments. “And Namjoon is happier now as well. If you two girls make them that way, the company will have to deal with it.”

          “I understand your worry, little one,” Yoongi says. “We must worry all the time over small things. I bet we could help each other with that.”

          “That sounds like a good idea,” I glance over at Yoongi. “I like talking to you.”

          “Now I’m kind of glad you spoke up about this topic,” Emily nervously chuckles.

          “Do you feel better?” Taehyung leans closer to me.

          I giggle, “I do. Thank you, boys.”

          “You can kiss her, Tae,” Seokjin laughs.

          Taehyung smiles before connecting our lips.

          It’s a little embarrassing with so many people around, and my face is heating up. It feels so nice, though.

          Taehyung pulls away, tucking some of my hair behind my ear. “Where’s your glasses.”

          “Ugh,” I roll my eyes and shove the boy away. “Hold on,” I pull my glasses case out of my light sweatshirt pocket. Then I slowly put my glasses on. “Make all the jokes you want. I know I look dorky.”

          “You are very cute,” Yoongi smiles. “They really bring focus to your eyes.”

          “They make you look smart,” Seokjin says. “Which is good.”

          “There is nothing wrong with looking dorky,” Hoseok says. “Taehyung does all the time.

          I giggle, feeling my heart swell with happiness.

          “They go with your blue hair,” Jungkook states. “So, you are even prettier.”

          “Dating Tae makes you our sister, in a way,” Jimin says. “So, we have to protect you and lift you up when needed. Same goes for you, Emily. Since you are dating Namjoon.”

          “Thank you,” Emily smiles. “I can’t wait to see that in action.”

          “It means a lot to me that you guys are like this,” I lean into Taehyung, resting my head on his shoulder. “So, nice and caring. I need people like you in my life to keep me sane.”

          “The best for jagiya,” Taehyung kisses my temple. “I love you the most, but they love you a good amount.”

          “We are like, your second family,” Namjoon says.

          “Such a loving environment,” Emily snuggles into Namjoon’s side. “This is so much nicer than I thought it would be.”

          “What are we going to do now?” I wrap my arms around Taehyung’s middle. “I love talking and all, but it drains me.”

          “We can watch TV, or a movie,” Jimin says. “Or play video games.”

          “Video games,” Taehyung giggles, placing his hand on my hip, sneaking his thumb under my shirt.

          “Ah, something Amber and I are good at,” Emily chuckles.

          “I just want to see the Dope music video,” I smile.

          “Soon,” Jungkook looks over at me. “We put a lot of work into it, so you should love it.”


​Sorry it has been a little while since I posted a chapter, but here it is! Hope you enjoyed reading it. :D Feedback is greatly appreciated. If I have time tomorrow, I will post another chapter. :D

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