Traveling Abroad: Return to Paradise

Seoul, South Korea is the place Amber and Emily have deemed paradise. The two visited last year and had the time of their lives. They were able to explore a new city outside of the United States, made friends, and got boyfriends. Not to mention they were able to hang out with Amber's awesome cousin Nari, who also snagged a boyfriend. Now, as their boyfriends are rising in fame thanks to being in the group BTS, how will their relationships hold? Will this summer in paradise be even better than the last?


12. Embarassing

*~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~*

          “What are you doing, jagi?” Taehyung breathlessly asks in Korean, sitting down next to me on the floor.

          I pull down my Hello Kitty mask, given to me by Yoongi. “Poems, like yesterday. Is filming good?” I look away from my notebook and up at my boyfriend. “Eyeliner is so hot on you,” I smile.

          “Any poems about me?” He dabs at his face with a tissue.

          “Most of them, yes.”

          “Sorry if this is boring for you.”

          I glance over to see Emily showing Namjoon all the pictures she has taken. “Oh, no, no, this is fun. I like watching you dance and get ready for the comeback. Helps me focus.”

          “Good,” he leans over and kisses my cheek. “Sorry, I’m all sweaty.”

          “No worries,” I grab his free hand and mess with his fingers. “How long is this break.”

          “Do you need something?”

          “Um, yeah,” I look down at my lap. “I have to pee.”

          A deep laugh leaves Taehyung’s mouth, “Cute, embarrassed, jagiya.” He leans in close to me, “I’ll take you.”

          I push my notebook off my lap, taking a slow, deep breath. “I know I shouldn’t be embarrassed, but I am.”

          Taehyung jumps up, leaning back down to pull me up. “It’s okay, it’s cute how you get embarrassed.”

          “Can we just get to the restroom, and stop talking about this?”

          “Potty break!” Taehyung giggles, pulling me out of the room as my face heats up.

          “Oppa,” I whine. “You do that kind of thing just so my face will become red.”

          “Oh, maybe,” he chuckles. “I can make it up to you with a date.”

          “You are so busy, though,” I pout. “I’ll be okay.”

          “I will take you on a date soon, so don’t worry,” he stops us in front of the restroom.

          I pull my mask back over my mouth, and Taehyung releases his grip on me.

          I walk into the restroom, hoping to avoid anyone. Even with the mask covering half my face, anyone can tell I am a westerner. I’d rather not have to explain myself.

          Five minutes later, I am back in the hallway ready to head back to the practice room.

          “All better?” Taehyung smiles at me, pulling my mask down.

          “All better,” I smile back.

          “I was planning a date while you were in there,” he gives me a kiss.

          “Coffee shop?” I grab Taehyung’s hand.

          “We could if you wanted to. Not what I was thinking though.”

          “I do miss the coffee shop,” I shrug. “I’ll go wherever you take me.”

          He intertwines our fingers, “Picnic in the park.” He gets us walking back to the practice room.

          “That sounds so cute,” I lean into his arm.

          “I’ll figure it all out and let you know,” he kisses the top of my head.

          The two of us enter the room, and I separate from Taehyung to get back to my spot.

          “Yoongi, what are you doing?” I sit down next to Yoongi, noticing my notebook in his hands.

          “These poems are great,” Yoongi looks at me, a small smile tugging at his lips. “You have some skill.”

          I smile, blushing at the praise, “Thank you. Writing is a big person of mine.”

          “A good passion,” he looks back at the poems. “I’d love to write a song with you.”

          “Oh, I don’t do lyrics,” I giggle. “Just poems and stories. I could help, maybe, but nothing more.”

          “If you say so, little one.”

          “Little one,” I mumble. “Cute.”

          “I notice that some of these focus on your love of a boy, Tae. You really do love him.”

          I look up to see Taehyung joking around with Jungkook and Jimin. “I really do.”

          “He’s your soulmate.”

          I look back at Yoongi. “How do you know?”

          “I just do,” he smirks for a second. “The mask is cute on you.”

          I mess with my mask on my chin. “Thanks to you. You are better than my actual brother. I’m glad you are in my life.”

          “Your smile makes me want to see it more. You push me, as I push myself. I work for me, for the group, and now for you.”

          “Can you keep a secret?”

          “I can,” Yoongi nods.

          “I’m moving here next year,” I whisper. “I’ll have graduated, so it’s fine. Emily will come too, I’m sure.”

          “It’ll be nice, having you here full time.”

          I smile and nod. “I still have to ask my parents. But, I’ll be an adult next year, so I can do what I want.”

          “If they meet us, I think that will let them see how you need to be here.”

          “I hope so,” I sigh.

          Yoongi hands me my notebook and pats my head. “I like just talking to you.”

          “Me too. You know just what to say.”

          “We’ll have many conversations over the course of our friendship. Has Taehyung asked you about coming with us during some of the comeback?”

          “No,” I glance over to Taehyung, catching him staring.

          “I’ll let him. He’s probably nervous.”

          “What a silly boy,” I giggle.

          The boys eventually get back to practicing, and Emily and I get back to our thing. Somehow, the day flies by in a blink, and then it is time to head home.

          “You’re tired, Tae,” I hold my notebook and pencil pouch to my chest. “I don’t want you to give me a piggy back ride.”

          “Please,” Taehyung pouts. “It’s just outside to the car.”

          I pat his cheek, “No babe. Another time.”

          “No fun.”

          I giggle, “I still love you. Come on,” I nod towards the door.

          “Fine,” he places a hand on my far hip.

          The two of us follow everyone out of the room. All of us are ready to get home and rest.

          “Really to meet my parents in a few days?” I step closer to Taehyung as we make our way down the hallway.

          “I’m sure they’ll love us,” he nods. “I’ll make sure they don’t regret letting us stay together.”


​I don't write poems like I used to, but I do enjoying writing them. This makes me want to write some poems. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this! :D

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