Traveling Abroad: Return to Paradise

Seoul, South Korea is the place Amber and Emily have deemed paradise. The two visited last year and had the time of their lives. They were able to explore a new city outside of the United States, made friends, and got boyfriends. Not to mention they were able to hang out with Amber's awesome cousin Nari, who also snagged a boyfriend. Now, as their boyfriends are rising in fame thanks to being in the group BTS, how will their relationships hold? Will this summer in paradise be even better than the last?


13. Dance Lesson

*~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~*

          “Hey, girls,” a masculine Korean voice slices through my thoughts.

          I look up to see the boy’s choreographer smiling over at Emily and me. The seven members of BTS are on the floor resting.

          “Yes,” Emily and I respond.

          “Would you like to learn a dance?” He looks back at the boys for a second. “The boys need a break, and they say you two are interested in dancing.”

          I clear my lap and stand up, “Well, I am willing to learn.”

          “Can’t make any promises to how good I’ll be,” Emily stands up and stretches out her legs.

          “I’m a good teacher,” Mr. Son nods. “I taught these seven boys, I can teach any one to dance.”

          “Hey!” The seven boys shout out, pouts on some of their lips.

          “We promise to focus and try our hardest,” I smile, making my way over to the man in the middle of the room.

          Emily is right by my side, a smile also on her lips.

          “You have listen to the song ‘I Need U’ yes?” Mr. Son asks. “Like, we play it here, but have you really listened to it?”

          Emily and I look at each other for a few seconds, “I guess so.”

          “Gah, they keep doing that!” Hoseok shouts out.

          “We’re close, shut up,” I stick my tongue out at Hoseok.

          “Creepy,” he sticks his tongue out at me.

          I shake my head and focus back on Mr. Son. “I am so sorry.”

          “No worries,” Mr. Son nods. “Back to dancing. To make this easy, Amber, you will dance V’s part, and Emily, you will dance Rap Monster’s. If that is okay?”

          “That’s fine,” Emily answers.

          “If at any point, you are lost, speak up. I want this to be fun.”

          “Will do,” I nod.

          Mr. Son is patient with Emily and I as he goes through the steps of the dance. He never yells or belittles us; instead praises us on the small victories.

          For some reason, I really take to the dance, learning with little instruction. My brain just seems to click when being taught the dance moves.

          Emily, on the other hand, is a little slow to catch on. She is clearly trying her hardest, but she takes twice the amount of instruction as me. It’s fine, but who would have thought I would be able to learn faster than her.

          My brain makes it overly difficult to pick up quickly on anything. It takes me hours to do homework that should take a few minutes. I have a hard time not going off on random tangents. I used to hate it about myself, but now accept it because I wouldn’t be me without my crazy brain.

          “You girls have skill,” Mr. Son nods, an hour or so into the lesson. “Want to try for real? No stopping the music, and just dance.”

          I smile, eagerly nodding, “I think we’ve got this.”

          “We’ll see,” Emily gives me a small shove.

          “Have some faith,” Mr. Son walks away to get the music started.

          “Go jagiya!” Taehyung shouts.

          I glance over at the boys still sitting on the floor. Taehyung has his boxy smile on, and even Yoongi has a small smile on his lips.

          “You can do this, baby,” Namjoon calls out to Emily.

          “Ready girls?” Mr. Son asks.

          Emily and I get into position, ready to dance for real this time.

          The dancing is a tad lewd for anything I have ever done, but when the song starts up, I don’t feel embarrassed at all. The music flows through me giving me no time to think of anything else but the moves.

          Emily and I dance for the beginning of the first chorus, to about halfway through Rap Monster’s solo. It’s just under a minute of dancing.

          At one point, I have to hip trust twice, and normally I would be red faced before I even did the act. Right now, I do it with confidence. No heat is on my cheeks as I dance with Emily.

          Between the two of us, Emily and I make a total of five mistakes. Not too bad for a couple of first timers.

          The music cuts out, and my body instantly stops moving. I am pulled out of the music world I had fallen in to.

          My breathing is labored, and I lean forward, placing my hands on my knees. Emily is heavily breathing as well, but has opted to take a seat on the floor.

          “Jagiya,” Taehyung’s voice is giddy.

          “AH,” I straighten up in time for my boyfriend to wrap his arms around me and lifts me off the ground.

          “Great job, little one,” Yoongi says. “You can dance.”

          “Both girls did a fantastic job,” Mr. Son comments. “A round of applause is in order.”

          The boys erupt in cheers, clapping for almost too long.

          “It was so sexy, jagi,” Taehyung whispers right into my ear. “You are beautiful.”

          I giggle, “Thank you, Tae. Now you know how I feel when I watch you.”

          Taehyung places me back on the ground, releasing me from his tight hug. “I look that good?”

          “So sexy,” I wink, cheeks heating up against my protests.

          “Ah, cute again,” Taehyung gives me a quick kiss on the lips.

          “Amber should just take over Tae’s role,” Jimin walks past, ruffling my hair.

          “I’m way too out of shape for this,” I take a deep breath.

          “Same,” Emily chuckles.

          “You just have to keep working out,” Jungkook says. “Just keep dancing.”

          “I do work out,” I look over at Jungkook. “I run, but this was different than that. Running is so much simpler.”
          “Dancing does work all parts of the body,” Namjoon speaks up. “Running is just legs, or mainly legs.”

          “How did you learn it so quickly, Amber?” Seokjin asks. “I know I’m slow, but you were way faster than I’ve even been.”

          I turn around and lean back into Taehyung. “I just was able to,” I shrug. “It all clicked. I don’t know how.”

          “Your brain must like how dancing is done,” Yoongi speaks up. “Don’t question it.”

          “You never once had your focused, confused, face on,” Emily is standing now, a hand in Namjoon’s. “Not many things can do that to you. Video games and talking to certain people. Writing has a face all its own for you.”

          “I know,” I sigh. “I liked it.”

          “I want to see your writing face,” Taehyung pinches my sides, causing me to giggle.

          “I’d love to see it too,” Yoongi gives a brief smile.

          “Dancing can be freeing for some,” Mr. Son comments. “I think it is for you, Amber.”

          “Too freeing,” Taehyung’s comment is barely audible.

          “That just means you have to dance more,” Jimin confidently nods. “Back up dancer right there.”

          “Oh no, I can’t,” I shake my head. “I’ll never be that good.”

          “Never say never, Amber,” Emily smiles at me. “Practice makes perfect.”

          “The company, though.”

          “You just think about it,” Mr. Son speaks up. “Now boys, you need to get back to practicing.”

          The boys all let out groans.

          I giggle, “You guys can do it. Just a few more hours.”

          Taehyung kisses my neck, “I love you, jagi.”

          I smile, “I love you, Tae.” I push off him and begin walking back to my things. “Back to work boys!”


​Sorry I haven't kept to the posting schedule. I got sick, and just didn't want to do anything when I wasn't feeling good. I'm better now, so be back on track. Hope you enjoyed this! :D

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