Traveling Abroad: Return to Paradise

Seoul, South Korea is the place Amber and Emily have deemed paradise. The two visited last year and had the time of their lives. They were able to explore a new city outside of the United States, made friends, and got boyfriends. Not to mention they were able to hang out with Amber's awesome cousin Nari, who also snagged a boyfriend. Now, as their boyfriends are rising in fame thanks to being in the group BTS, how will their relationships hold? Will this summer in paradise be even better than the last?


16. Cramps


*~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~*

          “Holy shit,” I groan, curling into a tighter ball on the couch. “Fuck this. Periods suck.”

          “I can’t believe how hard your period hits you,” Emily places a bowl of soup on the coffee table. “Glad my cramps are mild.”

          “Yeah, yeah, shut the hell up,” I take a few deep breaths to overcome the pain of my lower abdomen. “Thanks for making me soup. Chicken noodles should help.”

          “I hope so,” she pats my head, taking a seat in the recliner.

          I slowly sit up, careful not to move too quickly in fear of a cramp attack. “Tae is missing out on me looking cute in his t-shirt,” I smile, bringing the bowl of soup up to my lap.

          “You do look adorable,” Emily turns the TV on. “Simple black and white stripes.”

          “I want a sweatshirt of his,” I slowly sip on some soup.

          “That would be overly cute,” Emily smiles. “I bet Namjoon would share a baseball cap with me.”

          “He would, but that’s just his type of personality. He’s very caring, yet wants to keep up the cool dude kind of attitude.”

          “Comes with being an underground rapper for so long. You get a little rough.”

          “I don’t doubt it,” I slurp some noodles. “He has a soft spot for you. I can see it when he looks at you.”

          “I like that I get to see his soft spot the most. Makes me feel special. Taehyung’s cuddly with you, and that is cute.”

          “He’s really touchy, that’s what he is. I’m totally okay with it. He wants the world to know I’m his, or with him, or whatever,” I place the now empty bowl onto the coffee table. The warmth helping keep the cramps at bay. “He’s cute, so I’ll let him be a bit protective.”

          “He gets jealous easy, but that’s because he loves you. Kind of hot, a jealous guy.”

          “I agree. However, he should know that I would never leave him, and I want to be with him for the rest of my life.”

          “He’s just scared because this is his first serious relationship. All past relationships he knew weren’t going to go far.”

          “I did forget about that. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. We were just waiting to meet each other.”

          “That is a neat thing to think about. Really makes the soulmates thing seem true and all. I mean,” Emily chuckles. “It’s an idea I believe in, but others don’t, so that makes it believable to them.”

          “I understand,” I smile, lying back down on the couch. “Sunday was nice hanging with them at the dorm.”

          “Playing video games for most of the day is pretty sick.”

          “Jungkook and me going out for a run was fun. I have to keep my running body in shade. Running is so nice.”

          “We can do morning runs once you aren’t dying.”

          I laugh, sending a cramp exploding through me. “Shit, that hurt.”

          “Sorry, my fault.”

          “I’m fine,” I groan. “Monday, the dance lesson was cool.”

          “Dancing with the other boys was the highlight of that day.”

          “Hoseok was sure he would hurt me since he had to kind of sit on me. No matter what I said, he was still overly careful.”

          “We still almost did the dance perfectly. Helps we’ve watched them do it so many times.”

          “That does help, it seems,” I sigh. “Yesterday was not a good day for me, though. I could feel my body hyping up for this shitty period.”

          “Yeah, I could tell by the look on your face. Yoongi and Taehyung were very concerned for your wellbeing.”

          “Ah, Yoongi the rock, caring for me. That’s so cute. He is too sweet for me.”

          “Brother love, that’s what it is.”

          “Writing poems together is fun,” I smile, the cramps subsiding for the time being. “Jimin is just fun to talk about looks with. Both of us need pick-me-ups sometimes.”

          “Jin is that mature adult that can actually help with problems,” Emily chuckles. “He is funny when he wants to be, though. Being the oldest must be tough.”

          “Youngest as well. Jungkook has all eyes on him, so he can’t mess up.”

          “True. Hoseok is just off to the side being so extra.”

          “The weird band of brothers. I wish my body wasn’t trying to kill itself. A day away from them is good time wasted.”

          “We can make it up once we move here.”

          “Still can’t figure out a good way to tell our parents that one.”

          “It will come to us.”

          “Yeah, the day we don’t come home.”

          “They must have a feeling we want to live here. Our loves are over here,” Emily sighs. “Maybe we should read and calm our brains.”

          “I can do that,” I grab my manga, Deadman Wonderland, off the coffee table.

          Emily and I read for many hours, eventually turning on some music as the apartment is overly quiet.

          I have to get up multiple times to use the restroom and grab the next manga in the series. Only needing Emily to grab a pill for my cramps once.

          We have already been informed that Nari is going out with Seokjin right after work, so dinner is up to us.

          “Take-out is always nice,” I smile, sitting up on the couch.

          “Any cravings?” Emily asks, picking up her phone.

          Before I can respond, the doorbell rings out.

          “Um, maybe someone already sent us take-out,” I shrug, placing my book on the coffee table.

          The doorbell rings again, and Emily stands up.

          “I’ll get it,” she nods before walking off.

          I sit in silence, focusing on my breathing to keep the cramps calm.

          “It was take-out,” Emily’s voice fills my ears moments later.

          “Good, I’m hungry,” I turn around to see Emily, as well as Taehyung and Namjoon with take-out containers.

          “We wanted to come over to make sure you were okay,” Namjoon says.

          “You boys are very sweet,” I tenderly smile, falling into my Korean tongue with better ease. “I am feeling much better.”

          “I couldn’t stop thinking about you all day,” Taehyung walks around the couch, sitting next to me. “My jagi was ill and I wasn’t able to take care of her.” He begins opening the take-out containers he has.

          “Catch a summer bug?” Namjoon takes a seat in front of the recliner that Emily has returned to.

          “No, it’s a little more,” Emily runs a hand through her boyfriend’s hair. “We both know when it will hit, I guess you could say.”

          “Hm, I think I know what she’s dealing with.”

          “I don’t.” Taehyung pouts.

          I lean into Taehyung’s side. “Um, well, you see, it feels like my uterus is trying to kill me.”

          “What? Jagi,” Taehyung feeds me something from the take-out container. “Wait, what is a uterus?”

          Namjoon, Emily, and I burst into laughter.

          “Hey, what’s so funny?” Taehyung shoves some food into his mouth.

          “You can tell him, Amber,” Emily takes the container Namjoon is holding out to her.

          I look up at Taehyung, “Tae, the uterus is part of the female reproductive system.”

          Taehyung looks down at me, “Oh. Why is it hurting you? Should we go to the doctor?”

          “No, no doctor. It happens every month for a few days.”

          “What happens?”

          I groan as a pain shoots through me. “Ah, bad cramps. Part of my period.”


          “No one has told you about girl’s cycles, Tae?” Namjoon asks.

          “No,” Taehyung adverts his look on me, clearly embarrassed.

          “It’s okay, Taehyung. That’s why I am telling you now.”

          Taehyung reconnects our gaze, “I will listen.”

          “Every month, from around fourteen, sometimes younger, sometimes older, a girl has a thing called a period.” My cheeks are slowly heating up. “During three to five days, her body is getting rid of the egg that didn’t get fertilized. This happens by, um, ah,” I freeze up, embarrassed to inform him what I am going through right now.

          “What happens,” Taehyung feeds me something else in hopes of coaxing the answer out of me.

          “Bleeding,” Emily speaks up. “Girls body’s bleed to expel the egg and stuff.”

          I groan out of pain and embarrassment. “Does that make sense?” I look away.

          “And your body hurts you for this?” Taehyung puts his arm around my shoulder, pulling me closer.

          “Amber gets the worst cramps of any woman I know,” Emily answers.

          “Do you have pain relievers?” Namjoon asks.

          “I do,” I wiggle around to a more comfortable position in Taehyung’s grip. “They help, but I don’t like relying on stuff like that. Plus, after today, it gets a lot better.”

          “What can I do to help?” Taehyung kisses my head. “I want to help you feel better.”

          “Well,” I look up at my boyfriend, the blush fading from my face. “Keep feeding me, and maybe a massage later.”

          “Of course,” Taehyung leans down and gives me a kiss. “Are you wearing my shirt?”

          I giggle, “Yes. It’s comfy and smells like you. Helped me not miss you as much.”

          “Cute,” he grins.

          “So, how long are you guys staying over here?” Emily asks.

          Taehyung leans back, “I don’t know.”

          “Until Seokjin-hyung gets back here after his date with Nari.”

          “Ah, yes. They should be talking about July and all that good stuff,” I smile, accepting food from Taehyung’s fingers.

          “Jin seems like he will be able to convince Nari to let us go,” Emily hands her trash to Namjoon.

          “I hope so,” Taehyung gives me a small squeeze. “I need my jagi.”

          “No reason to worry about it,” Namjoon nods. “Let’s just enjoy our time right now.”


Seriously, I think all girls can agree that their time of the month blows. Anyways, hope you enjoyed this quite real chapter. :D

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