Traveling Abroad: Return to Paradise

Seoul, South Korea is the place Amber and Emily have deemed paradise. The two visited last year and had the time of their lives. They were able to explore a new city outside of the United States, made friends, and got boyfriends. Not to mention they were able to hang out with Amber's awesome cousin Nari, who also snagged a boyfriend. Now, as their boyfriends are rising in fame thanks to being in the group BTS, how will their relationships hold? Will this summer in paradise be even better than the last?


1. Airport Time

          “Are you feeling what I am feeling?” I look over at my best friend.

          Emily smiles at me, “Anxious? Excitement? Yes, I am.” She adjusts her backpack, stepping forward as the airport security line moves slightly.

          “Thank goodness,” I smile back, looking to see how much further until we are at the front of the line. “It’s been a while since we have made this long journey.”

          “Almost too long,” Emily taps my shoulder so I look back at her. “Attention span is still short.”

          I roll my hazel eyes and adjust my new, dark blue, thick rimmed glasses. “So much is different though. I’m five foot two now, and I have glasses. My hair has blue on the underneath pieces. Oh, and I grew up,” I smirk, referring to puberty finally making me look like a woman. Well, somewhat like a woman.

          “That is true,” Emily takes half a step forward. “I didn’t grow, so I’m still five foot four. I have purple on the right, just on the top of my hair. And, I grew up a little bit,” her brown eyes sparkle with amusement as she smiles. “You are so dorky.”

          “Thanks,” I giggle. “Are you ready for the long ass plane ride?”

          She chuckles, “I think we forgot to mention our more frequent use of cuss words.”

          “I’m no longer that scared little school girl,” I grin. “I’ll speak my mind, and that includes all the shit.”

          “It makes me so happy to see you like this. All proud of yourself and who you are.”

          “I’m having a good day,” I place my backpack onto the conveyor belt. “I guess I can thank the whole reason of this trip on that.”

          “I’m in a pretty good mood because of that too,” she places her backpack next to mine.

          I step through the metal detector with Emily as close as allowed. Then we are slinging our backpacks back on, and making our way deeper into the airport.

          “I can’t wait to see Nari, again,” Emily points to a sign that shows the direction of our gate.

          “She is overly excited to see us again,” I smile as we turn to get on the right path. “She says it’s been so lonely without us there. She hopes we’ve missed our room.”

          “I have. We left so much in that room. Books, video games, stuffed animals, ever clothes.”

          “We left a part of ourselves in that cute Seoul apartment.”

          “I can’t wait to read in my bunk, and enjoy rainy days on the balcony.”

          “That does sound lovely,” Emily looks around, trying to catch our gate number. “I can’t wait to take so many pictures of nature, and you. Plus, seven boys that have been dying to see us.”

          “Yeah,” my face heats up in seconds, and I grab onto Emily’s arm. “I hope we can see them right when we get there. I’m sick of phone calls, Skype chats, and text messages. I want to see Tae in real life again.”

          “I’m sick of all the YouTube videos. They uploaded so many, and then there’s the ones from award shows and what not. I want to see them dance in real life.”

          Emily and I let out exasperated breaths.

          It has been nine months since we left South Korea. All those months were spent away from our boyfriends, and our first boyfriends on top of that. It’s been hard, and this day has been a long time coming.

          “I bet everyone will be shocked that we can speak Korean so well now,” Emily smiles as we take a seat near our gate.

          “We worked so hard to learn the language. I hope they are proud,” I lean back into my seat as best I can with my backpack on. “Taehyung is so good at English now, it makes me feel guilty.”

          “How come? I mean, you really shouldn’t, but I don’t have your brain.”

          “He’s done so much for me, too much. He wants to make me so happy, and he learned English so quickly so we communicate.”

          “And you learned Korean, so now you can make him happy by speaking to him in his language. As well as the other boys.”

          “That’s true,” I turn my head to look at my best friend. “Gah, what would I do without you?”

          Emily grabs my hand, “Oh Amber, you ask that too much.”

          “I know,” I shrug. “Um, there’s something else that’s been bothering me for quite some weeks.”

          “And what is that?” She smiles and looks down at me.

          “Taehyung and I were Skyping, and it got quiet. Nothing weird, we were both tired, as it happens on weekends regardless of time for me. Anyways, in the cutest voice, he told me he loves me,” I feel my breath hitch on the ‘L’ word.

          “Hold on, this happened a few weeks ago, and you didn’t tell me?”

          “School was so hectic, we were so busy, and it seemed like I could just push it away until I had time to deal with it.”

          “Why is it bothering you? He’s so sweet, caring, funny, cute-”

          “I know. I am dating him for a reason. He makes my head spin in happiness, and sets butterflies loose in my stomach.”

          “So, I don’t get why it’s such a big deal he said that he loves you.”

          “Because, I didn’t say it back. I looked into his eyes, and I know he was waiting for it. But, I didn’t say it. Now, I don’t know where we stand. If he regrets saying it, if he thinks I don’t want to be with him anymore. I do though, he’s amazing and I don’t want to lose him.”

          “Well, do you love him?”

          “I…” I bite my tongue, thinking about all I have felt about Taehyung in the time I have known him.

          Taehyung is one of the best things to happen in my life. He knows how to cheer me up, and how to help me through personal problems. The two of us are beyond comfortable around each other, going as far to Skype in clothes that show a lot of skin, but nothing dirty. I’ve seen Taehyung without a shirt countless times. His group members are now my friends, and happy to see Taehyung in a relationship.

          “Amber,” Emily waves her hand in front of my face. “Earth to alien girl.”

          I giggle, pushing her hand away. “Sorry,” I blink and focus in on her again. “I was just remembering why I like Tae, and, there’s so many reasons why our relationship is working.”

          “That’s good, but it still doesn’t answer my questions.”

          “Oh,” I look away, my cheeks no doubt red as cherries. “Um, yes, I do love him.”

          “Oh, my gosh,” Emily brings me into a hug as best she can. “My best friend is in love,” she sings.

          “Calm down,” I laugh. “It does feel nice to say it out loud. Now, I have a to wait an undetermined amount of time to tell Tae that.”

          “We should learn to say ‘I love you’ in Korean on the way over. Then you can surprise Taehyung.”

          “Why do you need to learn it?” I take a deep breath, trying to calm the heat on my cheeks.

          “For when I feel that I know I am in love with Namjoon,” she ruffles my hair.

          “Hey,” I laugh, sitting up and fixing my hair. “I have to look good for the plane ride.”

          The two of us burst into giggles, not caring there are so many people nearby.

          “Now boarding, flight to Seoul, South Korea,” a lady over the intercom says.

          “That’s us,” I smile, standing up and getting my boarding pass out. “Ah, it is happening.”

          “Still another twenty minutes or so until we take off,” Emily stands up, boarding pass already in hand. “Better get in line, though.”

          “No rush with already determined seats, and all that good stuff.”

          “Don’t you want to get all settle into your seat?”

          “Eh,” I shrug. “It will still take that same amount of time regardless of when we get on.”

          “Ugh, so much sass,” Emily grabs me arm and pulls me into the line. “So, lucky you are cute.”

          I smile, “I am pretty cute.”

          “Oh, shush up,” she giggles, slinging an arm over my shoulder.

          “I’m actually ready for this plane ride. We haven’t had that much time to talk recently, so this will be good for us.”

          “It will be.”


​Ah! It is back! Traveling Abroad is back and there is so much more details in the chapters, and the character developments are so much better, and just this story is going to be awesome! I hope you are all ready. :D

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