Not Yours, Not Mine, But Ours

They had both loved her. They had both tried to save her. Now that she is gone, a best friend and an older brother have to work together to raise the children that she left behind. As Shemar and Dr. Scotland "Scotty" Fields figure out how to be instant parents they find themselves falling in love.


4. Chapter Four

That night had been a rollercoaster of emotions for everyone. They had ordered pizza for dinner and taken turns telling stories about Charlotte. There was laughter. There were tears. There was anger and Scotland and Shemar were feeling those emotions right alongside the kids. They had both loved Charlotte and had a lot of fond memories of her but they were also angry with her for the way that she had left the world and her children behind.

It was well past midnight by the time all three kids were able to fall asleep, but Scotland and Shemar didn't worry about the late hour. They had no plans to send the kids to school the next day. Brittany and Victoria had curled up in Scotland's bed and Jaden had passed out in the guest room that Shemar would be sleeping in...none of them wanted to be alone.

Once the kids were sleeping, the two adults had snuck back downstairs, grabbed a bottle of Irish whiskey and two glasses and headed for the back porch swing.

Shemar poured them both two very healthy servings of whiskey before setting the bottle on the ground, out of the way of the swing. Once Scotland was seated comfortably, he kicked them off.

"How were you and my sister friends?" Was the first thing Shemar asked. "I mean, I know you two are from the same hood but you both turned out way different."

Scotland had to remind herself that Shemar and Charlotte had only known each other for ten years. They had met as adults, long after Charlotte had started getting into trouble. He had never and would never know his sister sober.

"When we were little girls we were these two little science nerds who actually ENJOYED health class," She chuckled. "We said when we grew up we were going to be doctors. We always had our noses in books and back in those days, Charlotte's grades were always better than mine. I used to cheat off of her in chemistry." She laughed as she remembered a time long past. "Things didn't start going wrong for Char until she met Victoria's daddy...a wannabe thug who got her hooked on the needle and pregnant before getting a life sentence for murder. She never told me who Jaden and Brittany's daddies were, I doubt she even knew, but all three of those kids were born addicted." She was angry at her dead friend as she spoke. "Dr. Cox, who you met today, treated all three kids after birth. They were lucky. Victoria and Brittany are completely healthy and Jaden's anxiety and weak immune system could have been a million times worse."

Shemar took a long sip from his glass before asking, "Baby girl, do you think it is possible to love and hate someone at the same time?"

Scotland knew where he was going with that question. Just like her, Shemar loved Charlotte for who she had been but hated her for what she had become and what she had put her children through.

"I think it's completely possible," She assured him as she took a sip from her glass

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