Gay for the wrong reason?

Why cant we just be together?


2. new kid

James pov.

Here I am sitting in my same old boring history class and listening to my same old history teacher talking about god knows what..... when some random guy walked in.

And when I saw him it was like my heart stopped beating.... I just couldn't stop staring at him, he was just that memorizing to look at...

Then I heard the teacher say my name and point at the empty seat next to me... and he started walking towards ME, did you that correctly he was walking towards MEEEE...

And that's when he finally looked at me... he smirked and started at me for a solid 15 seconds..... He sat down and said " Like what you see?"

I looked at him in shock, then turned my head blushing for the rest of class.

- hope you guys are liking my story so far -

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