She's Kinda Hot | 5SOS

When a girl turns up at their door begging for help after she came from a Broken Home what else can they do? They are too nice to turn her away but will she be more hassle than she is worth?

This is a 5 Seconds of Summer fan fiction, I will be using their song titles as the chapter names, it will give a clue what the chapters will be about as well. Enjoy


5. Voodoo Doll

Luke's P.O.V

Daisy had gone up to bed, leaving just me and the guys sitting on the sofa. Everything was quite for a while until Ashton spoke up disturbing the peace "I have a great idea!" I groaned in reply as his ideas are never great. 

"We should have a bet to see who Daisy would end up with after a month, because we all know someone will end up with her so why not make it a bit of fun" I didn't like the idea at all, why would we want to treat her like an object, I mean I'm not going to lie but I do think she is attractive.

"I'm not sure about this" Calum agreed with my mental thoughts "this could all end in a disaster if she found out before the month was up!" He continued and I nodded in reply. 

"Look it's clear that the two of you fancy the pants off of her and I'm sure that Ash doesn't like her in that way and neither do I, so it's a competition between you two" Michael pointed at us both and we huffed before agreeing to the stupid game.

"I'm going to sleep" I walked up to my room and closed the door behind me. I honestly couldn't believe what I've just agreed to do. After her parents I don't think I can hurt her like that it will kill me too. 

My mind was racing with thoughts about the next month and how I was going to make sure I wouldn't hurt her with this bet. Somehow I managed to fall asleep, even with my thoughts running around my head. 

Calum's P.O.V

I decided to go up to my room shortly after Luke left to go to his. I knocked on the door load enough for her to hear if she was awake but not to wake her. 

"Calum it's your own room" she chuckled and opened the door, she was in one of my band tees and it was just covering her ass. "I hope you don't mind, my pyjamas need to be washed" she looked at the floor with a slight blush and was biting on her bottom lip. 

"Don't worry about it, you look great" I smiled at her and closed the door as I entered. "Hey Calum?" She sounded so cute, God I'm falling hard for this girl, after what happened the night we were drunk. 


"Calum?" She paused as I just started to drift into a sleep "Calum" she said a lot louder. "Yeah" I mumbled into my pillow as I heard her get up from the floor. 

I felt the bed dip a little as she sat down, I knew she was next to me by her smell, God she smelt great. "You know you and Luke are the ones I find most attractive" she was slurring her words as she spoke. I knew not to take advantage of her drunk state but I am drunk too so it's not that bad. 

I sat up in my bed and pulled her on to my lap. My hands caressed her soft sides as her hands ran along my chest under my top. I could now feel her breath on my lips, her soft warm breath was making me want to take her right now but I knew it would be wrong I hardly know her. 

Before I could do anything her lips were pressed against mine, our tops had been thrown on the floor and she was leading the make out session. I'm all for the girl being in control but it was now my turn to show what I was capable of. 

I slowly rolled over, holding her ass so she didn't fall straight off as I now hovered over her body, our lips still connected. I ran my tongue along her lips and she complied, her mouth parted allowing my tongue entry.

We were making out for a good ten minutes, she had made her way back on top and was still kissing me, by this time I was extremely turned on by her actions and was about to take action when I heard light snoring and felt steady breaths on my neck. She is asleep...


"Earth to Calum?" I felt a knock on my head as I snapped back out of it. "Are you okay? You zoned out for a good 5 minutes" she looked and sounded really concerned as she spoke. "Oh yeah, I'm fine Daisy. What is it you wanted to talk about?" I smiled at her as I walked to sit on my bed. 

"Do you really not know what happened between us last night? I can't remember a thing and it's bugging me so much" she said in a frustrated tone as she sat down beside me. "I honestly don't remember, I wish I could" I lied, I actually lied right to her face and it feels terrible just as terrible as this whole bet that is going on. 

"Okay" she slipped off of the bed and walked into the bathroom, I quickly followed her in to see her brushing her teeth. I had the sudden urge to hold her from behind, just love the way she looks. 

I resisted the urges to touch her again and started to brush my teeth too, I stood beside her, she is so short compared to me and i found it extremely cute. I turned to face her and she done the same, the toothpaste was starting to run out of both of our mouths and we couldn't contain out laughter. We ended up spitting toothpaste over each other and falling to the floor laughing like maniacs. 

Once we had taken it in turns to clean ourselves we went into our separate beds and stared to fall into deep sleeps.


Sorry it that this chapter isn't that good but I promise with the bet on things will pick up

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