She's Kinda Hot | 5SOS

When a girl turns up at their door begging for help after she came from a Broken Home what else can they do? They are too nice to turn her away but will she be more hassle than she is worth?

This is a 5 Seconds of Summer fan fiction, I will be using their song titles as the chapter names, it will give a clue what the chapters will be about as well. Enjoy


6. Greenlight

I woke up really early today, Calum was still snoring and from what I could gather no one was awake in this house apart from me. I slowly made my way to the door, out I went making as little noise as possible, I snuck down the stairs and into the kitchen.

I grabbed some orange juice from the fridge and walked out into the garden to be greeted by the burning sun light. "Ahh" I sighed with relief as I sat on the steps to drink my juice. 

"May I join you?" A husky voice said from behind me, I turned to look at the source and smiled "sure" I patted the space next to me for them to join. 

"It's a beautiful morning isn't it" I said as I looked out across the garden, he had sat with me and was staring at me "not as beautiful as you" he smirked and looked towards the garden. I could feel my cheeks burn as they went from a tanned plain cheek to a bright pink.

I didn't want to look at him as I felt too embarrassed after his comment "Luke, the other day....I thought you was going to kiss me, I'm not going to lie" I mumbled feeling even more embarrassed. 

"I wanted to...if ash hadn't of walked in I'm sure we would have" he replied calmly and looked at me slightly from the corner of his eyes. "Maybe we would another time" I smiled at him and pushed myself up from the step. He followed me up and grabbed my waist gently, his face went bent towards mine and I looked up at him, this was the moment. 

He lent down closer to me when the door slid open "you two can't be left alone" Ashton giggled and poked our sides. His hands left my hips and we both entered the kitchen to be greeted by the others. "What do you want to eat? Other than Luke's lips" Michale sassed.

"Let me treat you all to breakfast out, I owe you guys big time" I smiled nervously as I waited for them to answer. "Fine by me" Calum smiled and headed back up to our room. The others agreed to the idea and we all went up to get dressed.


"Come in" he shouted, so I pushed the bedroom door open to see Calum in his boxers, they had the Cookie Monster on them. I snorted as I tried to hold in my laughter "why are you laughing?" He cocked an eyebrow as I closed the door behind me. 

"Your boxers" I giggled as I walked over to my bag to find some clothes. I pulled out my bra, jeans and a too but couldn't find any panties. "Hmm" I sighed as I kept rummaging through my bag. 

"What's wrong?" Calum asked from behind me, peaking over my shoulder at what I was doing. I dropped my clothes on the floor and started to get frustrated "hello?" He tapped my back and I looked around at him briefly "I can't find my panties" I sighed in defeat and slumped onto the floor. 

"Umm, you dropped them on the floor when you looked through your back...the black lace thong right there" he pointed at it and I could feel my cheeks heat up. "Uhhhhh" I groaned as I grabbed my underwear and went to the bath room to put them on. 

When I exited Calum was fully dressed and I was looking directly at him whilst in my underwear. "You look....amazing" his eyes nearly popped out of his head as he stared at me. "Thanks" I quickly walked over to my clothes and pulled them on before he could look anymore. 

"Daisy, how comes Luke gets to nearly kiss you but I don't?" He just came out with the most to the point question ever and I was shocked. I looked at him with my mouth wide open and wide eyes from the shock. "Because.....I don't know" I looked down to the floor, avoiding eye contact. 

I felt a hand on my chin, my head was slowly being lifted up and my eyes met with his, this felt so right but too soon. I didn't know what to do, he leaned in closer to me as I'm so short, his lips inches from mine. I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and leant in to meet his lips. 

They were so soft, our lips connected and his hands snaked around my waist, pulling my body closer to his and my arms wrapping around his neck pulling him closer to me. 


"Today has been great!" Michael cheered as he pushed the front door open, what started out as breakfast ended up shopping, cinema and dinner. It was a lot of fun seeing them so relaxed but I knew it wouldn't last for long, they have to get writing again. 

I made myself a glass of water and headed up to my shared room, I heard footsteps behind me but ignored them as I pushed the door open and entered. "Wait" it was Luke's voice. 

I spin around and looked at him worriedly "what's wrong?" I asked with a frown on my face. 

Before I could even blink his lips were on mine, it didn't feel as good as Calum's but there was something there. When he pulled away we said good night and went our own ways. I placed my glass on the bedside table and quickly stripped into my underwear before sliding into my bed.

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