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When a girl turns up at their door begging for help after she came from a Broken Home what else can they do? They are too nice to turn her away but will she be more hassle than she is worth?

This is a 5 Seconds of Summer fan fiction, I will be using their song titles as the chapter names, it will give a clue what the chapters will be about as well. Enjoy


1. Broken Home

"Why did you do it! Why the fuck did you sleep with our daughters friend!" She screamed at him with tears streaming down her face. 

He just sat there with his head in his hands as his wife cried harder the more he ignored her "are you not even going to defend yourself? Or admit you was wrong with what you have done!" She continued as her husband carried on looking at the floor. 

"I...I was drunk sweetheart, it will never happen again I sweat to you Frankie. I love you" he sobbed as he lifted his head slowly from his hands to show his puffy eyes. "It's not good enough!!" 

"Do you not think our daughter has been through enough already this year? You cheat on me once I forgave you but you do it again and this time with her friend! Get the fuck out of this house!" Her voice was shaking as she shouted, her tears staining her pink cheeks.

"Frankie please and it wasn't her was her friends mom!" He blurted out of anger. Her face became a bright red and she lunged for him, throwing him against the wall screaming at the top of her lungs. 

Meanwhile Upstairs

I could hear the smashing of glass and the shouting of my mother as she went into a melt down. I hadn't fully forgive my father, neither did mom but we pretended and now he goes and does this to us.

As the commotion continued downstairs I threw as much of my clothes as I could into my duffle bag. I packed the essentials, like underwear and my woman products (hey don't judge, every girl needs them). Once I had finished I ran down the stairs with my bag over my shoulder. By this time my dad had over powered mom and was trying to restrain her. 

Seeing my mom like this was killing me "leave her alone! You deserve everything you get you bastard!" I screamed at him as loud as I could with all of the power in my lungs. He looked at me for long that my mom pushed him off and headed towards the front door. "Doug, this is over. I never want to see you again and if I do then you best run!" My mom walked out of the door and I was left staring at my dad.

"Princess" he stumbled towards me but I backed away causing his body to crash on to the ground.  "I'm not your princess!" I paused as I looked down at the fails excuse of a father "you brought this on to yourself! When did you lose your happiness?"with that said I exited the house, my bag thrown over my shoulder and my mom no where to be seen. 

I strolled down the road with the flickering street lights my only guide, I'm not quite sure where I am going but all I do know is that it is going to be far away from that evil man. 

I kept walking, it was now 3 in the morning and most houses were in complete darkness, it made it harder to know where I was. I finally stumbled across a bench outside of a row of houses "this will have to do" I sighed and laid on the bench, using my bag as my pillow, it wasn't the most comfortable place to stay but I will do for tonight.

I laid there staring up at the twinkling stars, they were the only thing that was beautiful in my life. My eyes felt very heavy as I fought with the urge to sleep, but as per usual I failed and was soon fast asleep on the bench. 

??? P.O.V

I couldn't sleep, I know it's 3am but I just can't bring myself to sleep. The others were still awake too, maybe it's because of the time difference, we have been traveling the world for a year so our body clocks are completely fucked. 

"Hey guys, there's a girl asleep on the bench across the street, should we get her?" One of the guys asked. We all looked at each other and rolled our eyes, "it's probably a crazed fan dying to meet us so they pretend to be asleep and homeless" another replied.

"Or maybe she is homeless and needs a place to sleep" I answered back "I know it seems unluckily but it could be the answer."

"I have an idea, if she doesn't speak to us tomorrow when we walk past her then she isn't a crazed fan so we can let her in, but if she does talk and go crazy then we run and don't look back, we can't have fans knowing where we live, deal?" The other guy said, he is sort of the leader in this group.

"Deal" we replied in unison and with that said we decided to try and sleep as we had a busy day tomorrow.

I know it's short but it's a tester chapter so please I hope you enjoy.

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